Check out this awesome school my 15 year old brother went to last years for exchange- soo cool!

Xiwai International, located in a picturesque area – Songjiang University Town, is a private school providing 15 year education from kindergarten to year 12 with over 2000 students. Enrolling students from 2003, the goal of the International Division is to cultivate students confidence, creativity, independent thinking and teach them to be lifetime learners in a diversified bilingual environment, to face the challenges of our rapidly-shrinking yet fast-paced world.

Xiwai International School combines the best of Eastern and Western educational techniques in a supportive, encouraging environment. We provide a happy, nurturing immersion bilingual environment which encourages children to function on a native level on both languages. Our school days are spent equally in English and Chinese, with two classroom teachers per class – foreign and Chinese.

Xiwai International School follows an American curriculum using highly-respected American McGraw-Hill textbooks. Our Chinese curriculum is carefully chosen to meet the rigid requirements of the Bureau of Education while raising the level of academic discipline. Xiwai’s curriculum is based on 5 models: Personal Growth (academics and morals), Scientific Research, Art and Aesthetics, Good Health, and Social Practices.

Xiwai International is staffed by energetic and experienced foreign teachers mainly from America, Canada and Britain as well as respected and experienced local Chinese teachers. Additionally, Xiwai International is internally managed and guided by a Xiwai’s foreign manager while making it a priority to involve parents and their suggestions to a very high degree.

Xiwai teachers incorporate real-world cultural education into daily lessons, preparing children for life as citizens of the global village. We celebrate and observe many international holidays and festivals as well as respecting the time-honored Chinese traditions and festivals. Other special events include performances, parties, field trips, and international guests.

Our students enjoy a well-rounded school experience, including an International Sports Program, Chinese Martial Arts, Dance, Music, Art, Swimming and more. Xiwai offers an exclusive English-based library, stocked with popular English children’s books. Enrichment classes and well-stocked library allow the students to find their own direction to express their interests and creativity.

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