Are you upgrading?

My concern is that our boarding students will be purchasing the Vista Home versions, which we are non-compliant for network access based on our requirement of domain login.

We are considering the best approach to this issue. Require one of the 3 domain login capable versions of Vista (my vote) or embark upon a huge project to revamp our security strategy and network configuration to allow non domain users access to our network.

All I read indicates that Ultimate, Business and Enterprise are the only versions that provide domain login capability which is a requirement for access to our network at Wyoming Seminary. The upgrade from XP Home to XP Pro was relatively inexpensive. According to the documentation I have seen Vista Home versions don't have upgrades to the other three.

The documentation that I have read indicates that in order to get a version of Vista that supports Domain Log-In you can upgrade as follows:

Home Basic > Ultimate Home Premium > Ultimate Enterprise > Ultimate Business > Ultimate

It also indicates that you cannot upgrade Starter Edition via the Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) program, and any of the Home versions cannot be upgraded to Business.

WHY VISTA BUSINESS? In our analysis Business is the best way for Schools to implement as it is the only version available from the Manufacturers that supports domain log-in and allows a sysprep image to be created - this makes it the imaging process very similar to Windows XP Pro.

There is a VERY useful table on page 18 of the Microsoft "Windows Vista Product Quide" which details each component of Vista and which version includes it - this information was difficult to decipher from the Vista Marketing Websites where Business appears to be missing many basic multimedia functions like Movie Maker and Media Player, which it actually does include.

You can find the (64MB) Vista Product Guide at:

You will likely need the Office 2007 Viewer update to Office 2003 to read it:

I've tried it a couple of times on my workstation. The OS worked fine, but the lack of compatibility with other applications (even ones that are supposed to work with it) was a real problem, forcing me to revert to XP.

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