• Plea 1 : 1/9/06 Fred Bartels

We're all suffering from information overload. Right? want WHAT port open on the firewall...what's going on with the email doesn't work...could you unblock this website...have you read Tom Friedman's new article The World is Actually Slightly Concave .... why does Java behave like this... why isn't the cron script for Moodle working, etc. etc. ...

What was I writing about?

Oh yeah, sorry, a little stack overflow error there.

Anyway, I've already used our new wiki quite a bit for both storing and retrieving information.

You could think of the wiki as a giant communal skicky note. The more we all add to it the more valuable it becomes.

Please consider adding some of your hard-earned knowledge. You'll be able to find it easily in the future and others may have added to and enriched it.


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