Wiki “Textbook” Chapter Project DescriptionEdit

Your chapter of our online textbook for Technology Integration is a broad-based description of using technology in a curricular area or grade level. The goal is to describe how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning in meaningful ways.

Your chapter will include the following elements:

  • An introduction which provides an overview to your chapter
  • An easy to understand summary of national standards (with hyperlinks) published for your content area
  • A descriptive narrative describing the effective use of technology within your area in relation to the content standards
  • Issues or barriers to integrating technology effectively in your area
  • Examples of effective integration
  • A comprehensive list of educational software (with hyperlinks to sources) for your area
  • A comprehensive list of websites (with hyperlinks to sources) which support your area
  • Hardware or other peripherals that support your area.
  • Ways to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of all learners for your area

This is a highly collaborative project. You are being assessed not only on your contributions to your own pages, but also your contributions to others' pages (both direct/content contributions and "talk" contributions suggesting areas for improvement).

You will also create a brief written assessment for your chapter, to assess whether your audience has acquired the knowledge you have presented.

In your contributions, you should attempt to highlight technology resources that promote higher-order thinking and provide for experiences beyond what is normally available in your classroom or school (primary sources, real-time data, real-time events, interactive web sites, collaborative projects, virtual field trips, expert sources, simulations, project-based learning, etc.).

Assessment Criteria:Edit

  • Organization 10%

Is the chapter well-written? Does it reflect a logical organization of the various sections?

  • Application of Learning 30%

Does the project reflect the effective integration of technology materials?

  • Elements 10%

Are all specified elements included?

  • Professional Formal/Appearance 15%

Does the writing as it appears online look professional and visually attractive? Is its format consistent with the rest of the class?

  • Student-Centered 15%

Is there evidence that learners will be actively involved by the types of integration described? Are differing learning styles, cultural diversity, and ability levels addressed? Are the activities age-appropriate? Will learners be motivated by the activities?

  • Collaboration 15%

Has the author actively contributed to the wiki project on a number of different levels? Comment on 2-3 others wiki pages, with substantive and probing comments, questions, or suggestion.

  • Creativity 5%

Is there evidence of originality?

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