Website hosting comes in all sizes and price ranges. Please recommend your favorites:

  • is a web firm that works exclusively with schools and educational organizations. Affordable solutions for schools, teachers, and organizations (sports teams, bands, PTA's, etc.) based on the WordPress CMS. They can host or provide design and consulting services.
  • Argosy Computing is a hosting and design firm. Get a CMS for your school that will allow you to make edits easily to your site with programming knowledge.
  • cheap and reliable
  • Site5 - I use them for my personal site and my professinal blog. Site 5's tech support is quite good and their prices are fantastic. Hostony - use them for a dedicated Moodle server at school. Hostony's tech support is average. - arvind
  • Web Hosting UK - Cheap and Affordable Hosting Solutions. 24x7 support, 99.9% uptime, 30 Day money back guarantee.
  • I have been using for about 2 years, and have had very little downtime. That being said, I use their services for personal e-mail accounts, some personal blogs, test installations of Moodle, Wordpress, Gallery2 applications and lots of Ruby on Rails applications. I have been very happy with their uptime, price, reliability and their service. They answer e-mails quickly and I have never had a problem they couldn't resolve. That being said, I wouldn't use site5's shared servers for my school's applications. Mainly because we host some memory intensive applications like Moodle. For that we use a subsidiary, For $100 a month you get superb platform. Basically, they let you create as many web servers as you want. You could have 4 Microsoft IIS servers with PHP4, 2 Apache servers with PHP4 and 5 Apache servers with PHP5. You sort of have to see it to understand it. But they have stellar support via e-mail, live chat or *phone* and their uptime is stellar. reposted under CC from ISED-L 12/12/07 by Arvind G.

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