Sites for Teachers and Students: Edit

Webquests can be very useful tools to use in 2nd grade classrooms. If you have access to computers for your students to sit in front of, webquests can allow for a different way to approach and learn about a subject matter. Here is a link that will allow you to enter a topic and search for specific webquests that apply to your topic. After clicking on the link, on the left hand side of the page, choose Find WebQuests and it will take you to the search page.

The Reading Rainbow Web Site offers copies of their episodes for purchase in CD-ROM, VHS, and DVD versions. Teachers are able to download lesson plan ideas and check for book titles off their web site.

Scholastic is a great website for both teachers and students to visit. This site offers many things such as various games for students to play, a Homework Hub, which offers help on creating writing pieces, quizzes and activity pages, hints and tools on how to study smarter and this site also offers Book Central, which allows students to read Trollz books and print off Trollz printables.

Sites for Students:Edit

Language Arts

Starfall website is a site that offers many games and activities that help build phonics skills. From this site, students are able to practice their letter sounds and incorporate them into sentences and be able to read short books from this site. Starfall also offers students to explore and learn about other academic aspects, such as providing an art gallery, music, tongue twisters and poetry categories, to name a few.


Triple AAA Math is a website that offers practice in math subjects ranging from addition and subtraction to estimation and statistics. At this site, a specific grade level can be selected to view the subject matters that are mainly covered for that grade.


Journey North-Migration of the Monarch Butterflies is a site that is helpful for both students and teachers. With hundreds of lesson plans on Journey North and the migration of butterflies, along with lesson plans on incorporating reading and writing connections,this site can be a valuable source of information when teaching or learning about butterflies. Students are able to get updated news and photographs of the migration process of real butterflies.

Social Studies

The Native American - Wampanoag website allows students to read and learn more information about the Native American group called the Wampanoags. Links are also given to allow students to read and explore about various aspects of the Wampanoag people such as the Massasoit, a Wampanoag chief named Philip, a link to a modern day Wampanoag artist, and a link to a Wampanoag author named Gabriel Horn.

FirstGov for Kids is a website that is maintained by the Federal Citizen Information Center. At this site, students are able to explore different subjects, one subject being the government. Information and links are given to help students to learn about the different parts of the government and learn fun facts about the government.

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