• Housing Market -- A roller coaster representation of the housing market from the 1800s to 2006.
  • We Feel Fine - A real-time data driven site that harvests "I feel..." statements from blogs worldwide and represents them within a graphical interface.
  • The Visual Thesaurus [after it loads, click the red Launch button] - This site shows a graphical representation of a thesaurus. As you click on words, the image shifts to that word. It is interesting to explore.
  • Cyber-Geography - This site has many images and graphic representations of the Internet, and the 'virtual real estate' which it has created. After choosing a category from its menu on the left, scroll down the page to see the various images.
  • Data Powers of 10 - This puts bits, bytes, and zigabytes into their proper perspective.
  • Image Powers of 10 - Travel from the rim of the universe towards the Earth and eventually into the quarks in the atoms of a leaf in leaps of 10x magnification!

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