Interactive whiteboards have become popular over the last few years, and it appears that their use will continue to grow exponentially. Indeed, books like The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution (Betcher & Lee, 2009) attest to the depth and breadth of change that this tool can promote in classroom practice.

Capacitive Interactive Whiteboard is a creative product in iwb industry.When it was born in INTECH laboratory,it is aimed at changing traditional class.

Language Class

For language class,effective communication  is the key to a successful course.But restricted by conditions of traditional whiteboard,a language class became a silent class sometimes.Capacative interactive whiteboard designs built-in stereo speakers,which effectively combines teaching and interactive. Students can sharel as a result of hearing shock through built-in speakers.

Math Class

Mathematics is a manual calculation class.Without calculation, cannot be expected to case one math class.Capacitive interactive whiteboard supports 10-user writing simultaneously.Teacher comes up with a calculation question, children can be encouraged to solve it by fingers.How fun!5 ,7,even 10 boys or girls wrote on the board,try to find who is the child gets the right answers in fastest speed,don’t forget to give lollipop.

Art Class

Imagination is children's treasure.Having a class isn’t easy on the interactive whiteboard.It should be writing smoothly and no interference.Common infrared interactive whiteboard can’t.When using capacitive interactive whiteboard,you don’t need to worry any interference.More fluid,more lines can be drawn simultaneously, give children more space for imaging.

Geography class

You can use multimedia applications. For example, in geography classes tools such as Google Earth allow students to visit and interact with environments. Sometimes,teachers maybe left his USB memory stick at home.Should I came back to pick it?Don’t worry.8G storage inside,you just copy your pics,videos,or materials,stored in board.No need to worry forgeting your USB memory stick at home.Is it convinient?

Capacitive Interactive whiteboards are an easy way to engage students in interactive lessons. The examples listed here are just a few of the ways this whiteboard allows you to integrate technology in the classroom. If you are looking for more ideas, some interactive whiteboard manufacturers maintain lesson libraries on their Websites, or you can visit INTECH homepage for more interactive whiteboard informations.


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