Have you ever noticed how when you are on vacation, your brain starts functioning better? I actually remembered the names of the many people I met at the Laptop Institute conference this Summer. (This would be impossible for me during the school year.) I don’t consider myself unique in this area. Most of us cannot integrate more than ten ideas when learning something new, as we are already juggling hundreds of other pieces of information in the background. I also find knowing “what to do” as well as “what not to do” a great comfort when I am learning something for the first time. These two concepts are the foundation for this Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts Survey. The main audience is 1:1 laptop schools but most of the ideas will work with mobile carts or a lab environment as well. Topic suggestions or advice always welcomed. Though I do not have a blog yet, you can email me at

Please click here to add your contributions by submitting them on my survey form.

The results of each survey will be posted on this wiki:

The plan is to build on this initial survey by sending a new survey out each week to the ISED-L and other targeted K-12 listservs to gather the best information on implementing new technologies.


This survey concept was initially inspired by a page on *Martin Dougiamas’ web site, Teaching Do’s and Don'ts ('s_and_don'ts) and of course, David Letterman’s Top Ten lists. Will Richardson’s lecture on building learning communities along with the terror of meeting teachers needs for our upcoming cross-platform Middle School laptop program gave me the push I needed to actually implement it. Thanks to Pamela Livingston for talking through the implementation of this idea with me.

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