First you need to make an object. If you do not know how to do that, go to Eden and Madison’s project on how to draw an object.

Once you have your object you go to the box on the bottom of your page, titled, “supplies.”


If it makes it easier, you can drag up the supply box in order to see all your options.


After you get to the supplies box, click the joystick (brown box with a red dot in the middle)

The purpose of the joystick is to allow you to control your project and therefore, move it in the direction of your choice.

Here’s how it would work:

First you have to press alt and right click so you can get the viewer of the pink ball. Then you make a script. Then you go to the joystick’s viewer, and then you go to joystick script and then you go to joystick left right. Then you drag the joystick left right to the end of the script of the pink ball.

After, press the button that’s red and says pause. Then move the red button on the joystick. Then you got it!!

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