Time Line SoftwareEdit

  • Timeliner 5.0 from Tom Snyder Software. This product is highly recommended by multiple schools in grades ranging from K-8 and works on both Macs and PCs.

Online TimeLine CreationEdit

  • The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University has an online timeline tool.
  • xTimeLine is a website for timeline creation that includes hyperlinked browsing integrated into timelines.
  • LongViewer
  • Simile Timeline
  • WikiTimeScale
  • WikiTimeline
  • Miomi

Open Ended AlternativesEdit

While not solely focused on time line creation, the following software has also been recommended.

  • Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Inspiration files can be saved as HTML. While not strictly “Time Line Software” it is capable of producing similar results if students receive proper direction and instructions.
  • Microsoft Visio is only available for Windows-based PCs but allows various complex layouts and a variety of pre-built forms.
  • SketchUp is available for OS X and XP. Since SketchUp timelines are created in a virtual 3-D space it is possible to make very entertaining walkthough/flyover movies of the timelines. When music is added to these movies then can become quite compelling. As of 2006 they offered a free version for education.

Examples of TimelinesEdit

Timeline Screenshots


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