• - check out the list of people associated with this conference. One item that caught my eye was training for "large group interventions." -- seems like this is what might be needed for some of our schools :)

Transformational LeadershipEdit

The following is from this page which discusses it in depth: Some of the "behaviors" of transformational leaders—applicable in both educational and business settings—may include the following:

  • Identifying and articulating an organizational vision.
  • Fostering acceptance of group goals.
  • Having high performance expectations.
  • Providing appropriate models.
  • Providing intellectual stimulation.
  • Developing a strong school culture (Lashway, Mazzarella, & Grundy, 1995, pp. 60-62)
  • A strong sense of moral purpose.
  • An understanding of the dynamics of change.
  • An emotional intelligence as they build relationships.
  • A commitment to developing and sharing new knowledge.
  • A capacity for coherence making

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