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Retrieved from ISED-L 12/19/07:

We put in a TV Studio as part of our construction/renovation which opened in 2001. We also put in a media distribution system which this connects through. CATV cabling was installed to every room so right now we broadcast through that. Every teacher station has a TV tuner so we can show any of the media through the computer and classroom projector.

You can however, also hook up a TV right to the TV drop. We also have a broadcast cart which we can take to any TV drop in the building, plug in and broadcast from that room. So we have two internal channels - one for the TV Studio and one for the broadcast cart. It's not digital, but I am now looking at what it would take to upgrade it, how that would impact our network, etc.

As for a TV Studio, I would HIGHLY recommend it! The kids run a Morning Show each day with the Daily Bulletin, announcements, sports segments, etc. Since the TV studio is also a production studio, we run all sorts of classes and special projects there. Right now, they are having auditions for "BLS Idol" which are run in the TV studio. They edit and broadcast the finalists for everyone to vote on. They create "commercials" for different clubs to be run during the Morning Show. The most popular was "The Carnation Tales", a five day "soap opera" commercial to support the Valentines' Day flower sales. They created the school profile/welcome video for the opening reception of our 10-year accreditation visit. It was great -- they started with a "live" broadcast and then went into the video. During "author" days in one class, the kids dress up as their favorite author and give a presentation. Now they do that in the TV studio and it's all recorded. We have two broadcasters each day of the week and also have guest broadcasters, especially new faculty and staff so the kids get to know them. Then we have a technical team all organized by the student producer.

This is just such a great opportunity for students. We've had students get scholarshiops because of their experience in the studio and kids going to college now to study this. C-Span was here last week with their Campaign2008 bus and as part of the visit trained our kids in their production studio. Our students have now formed their own club/company "Wolfpack Productions". They broadcast all events from the auditorium, the Alumni Association hires them to do all their events at school, they negotiated an "exclusive contract" with the Head Master for all broadcast rights at school (this was as much self preservation because other groups were messing up their equipment and setups). They broadcast the big pep rallies on the day before Thanksgiving from the big gym. There is just so much the kids can do. They edit and post videos on the web from all the events they cover.

Honestly, I just get out of the way and let them go. We've had one or two issues with "appropriateness" and live comments, but they were quickly resolved and the kids know they need to be professional. It's a fabulous resource and I'm a big fan. You do want to get a company with experience to spec out what is needed and put together the proper equipment, cameras, lights and so on. You need a control room, too. We renovated an old storage space when we created it. We also added a teleprompter system a couple of years in and that's great. I'd really recommend having that. AND get the wall painted chromacolor blue or green!

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