Why and How Should We Integrate Technology Into the Fourth Grade?


Technology has a variety of uses for teaching and learning in 4th grade. This chapter will outline some of the most common ways to integrate technology into a typical 4th grade curriculum. Curricular standards and typical content for 4th grade will be described, as well as national technology standards that apply to this level. Then for each subject area (LA, Math, Science, & SS) we will discuss software, web resources, and examples of effective integration of technology for that area. This page concludes with questions to assess your understanding of the content provided here.

Typical Curricula & Standards in 4th GradeEdit

Montgomery County, Maryland (where the author of this page teaches) has its own published set of standards for teachers.

If you would like to view the National Standards for Technology, as published by ISTE, please visit our Standards page.

MCPS Grade 4 curricula standards

The Montgomery County Public Schools elementary reading/langauge arts program reflects the integrated nature of a balanced literacy program. The elementary reading program provides instruction in reading and word study, including phonics, and engagement in independent reading. The elementary language arts program encompasses writing instruction, which includes the teaching of the writing process; writer's craft; conventions of language, including spelling and grammar; and independent writing. The processess of listening and speaking are integrated into all the components of a comprehensive, balanced literacy program.

The goal of the MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) mathematics program is for all students to achieve mathematical proficiency through mastery of mathematical skills, concepts, and processes. The end result is the ability to think and resons mathematically and use mathematics to solve problems in authentic contexts.

The grade 4 science program provides students with opportunities to develop and apply their understanding of science. Science is organized into two disciplines-physical sciences and earth sciences. Students develop content knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space and environmental science. Student science investigations include developing a testable question, a hypothesis/prediction, a well-designed procedure, forming a conclusion, and communicating results.

Grade 4 social studies combines a historical study of the United States with a present-day study of geography, economics, culture, and civics. Students begin with the geography of Maryland and the United States before investigating the Native American cultures of different regions of North America. In Unit 2 students learn the chronology of U.S. history through the waves of historic and present migration. Students conclude Unit 2 with a study of the early colonists. the last unit is a study of classic colonization from 1700-1763. Students also are introduced to the basics of civics in the last unit.

Reading,Language Arts, and Writing in 4th gradeEdit

Math in 4th gradeEdit

Science in 4th gradeEdit

Social StudiesEdit

Software in 4th gradeEdit

Building Your Digital LibraryEdit

<math>Insert non-formatted text here</math>[[Media:[[Image:Example.ogg]] == Headline text == ]]==Assessment==

These questions are intended to kfjbşaz.sdalfk.jaşdeterminephow familiar you are with the content presented on this page of the wiki: rjuıdp 1. How can KidPix help a student during the writing process?

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3. True or False. Diagrams are very helpful to help visual learners in math.

4. What is a resource that could be used in science or social studies? Why would it be helpful to students?

Assessment Rubric

0-Doesn't provide an explanation or example.
1-Provides a partial explanation.
2-Provides a thorough explanation with an example.

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