Computer science classes include:(retrieved from ISED-L 7/29/07, 2/3/08)

  • American School of Bombay offers semester long classes for the following:
    • Animation - Flash (elective 9-12)
    • Animation - Flash Action Script (elective 9-12)
    • Digital Graphics - Illustrator (elective 9-12)
    • Digital Graphics - Photoshop (elective 9-12)
    • Yearbook (elective 9-12)
    • Intro to Java Basics Programming (elective 9-12)
    • Intro to Visual Basic and HTML programming (elective 9-12)
    • Video Production - Movie Maker (elective 9-12)
    • Video Production - Premier (elective 9-12)
  • Exeter requires 4-year students to take either essential programming or programming and public policy, both of which teach some Java. We offer basics (Office, etc.) and Web Design (Dreamweaver/Flash). All of our offerings are viewable online. These courses are all in Computer Science, which is a division of Science here. We also offer Electronics and Robotics as part of Physics, and Graphic Arts as part of Art, Filmmaking as part of Theater and Dance. We staff the electives with our full and part time instructors and most of the electives are filled quickly, particulary web design, filmmaking, and robotics.
  • Sidwell Friends School offers a one semester elective in Visual Basic and a one semester elective in Java. The only prerequisite for either course is Algebra I.
  • Northfield Mount Hermon offers the following: (retrieved from NMH website)
    • CMP 312 Programming in Java. Half credit. Prerequisite: One semester of Algebra I or permission of instructor. This introductory course in computer programming explores the Java programming language through the creation of simple games. Students learn to write graphical programs incorporating different shapes, colors, and the use of animation. Through learning to program, students apply logic and critical thinking skills, applicable to a broad range of disciplines. This course covers conditionals, loops, arrays, and basic object orientation. The term concludes with an open-ended project of the student’s choosing.
    • CMP 511 Advanced Placement Computer Science. One credit. Prerequisites: CMP 312 or permission of instructor, and Algebra II. Placement based on screening process. This course covers the AP Computer Science AB curriculum, taught using the Java programming language. The course focuses on algorithms (strategies to solve problems) and data structures (patterns to store data). Topics covered include object orientation with inheritance, vectors, linked lists, binary trees, stacks, queues, sorting, and algorithm analysis and comparison. These topics typically comprise most or all of a first-year college course in computer science.
    • CMP 611 Advanced Programming Seminar. One credit. Prerequisite: CMP 312 or equivalent experience and permission of instructor. CMP 511 is recommended. This course explores current business practices in the creation of software. The course emulates a small team at a software company. Students work in small groups developing parts of a large software project. These parts combine to form a substantial piece of software, ready for publication to the world. Homework and class time are devoted primarily to programming. Topics covered include the following: programming in a team, bug tracking, rigorous testing, quality assurance, documentation, and internationalization, among others.
  • Middle School electives mentioned on ed-tech:
    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Digital Photography I
    • Digital Photography II
    • Ilife
    • Video Production
    • Radio Broadcasting
    • Research and Bibliographies
    • Tech Review
    • Tech Safety and Responsibility
    • Virtual 3D

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