Thanks to all of those who provided surveys in response to my post on the ISED-L listserv. Many of those responses went into this general technology skills survey.

Windows and HardwareEdit

Can you log into and out of a computer?

Can you start up and shut down a computer?

Can you identify and navigate within various parts of the computer desktop such as My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin, and Start Menu?

On the Start Menu or Dock, can you locate the printers folder? control panels?

Can you copy a document from the file server or from a flash drive to your computer hard drive (c:\)?

Can you create, copy, move, paste, delete and rename files, folders, and icons?

Can you create Desktop Shortcuts?

Can you use the mouse to click, double-click, and click and drag a window or icon?

Can you open, resize, move, and close an application?

Can you switch between two or more windows?

Can you use Windows Help function including online resources?

Do you know how to exit a program (and/or the computer) when it freezes?

Can you identify the parts of a computer system including power button, keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU, speakers, printer, USB ports, and CD-ROM drive?

Additional Comments?

General TroubleshootingEdit

Can you scan a file for a virus?

Can you scan your entire hard drive for viruses?

Can you defragment your hard drive?

Do you know how to run the disc error checking to correct disc errors on your hard drive?


Can you change your network password?

Can you open and save a file on the network. i.e. LS, MS, US Share, z:\, or My Documents?

Can you save a file on the LS, MS, or US Share so that someone else can access it (file sharing)?

Additional Comments?


Can you install a printer to your computer?

Can you select a printer and set it as your default printer?

Can you print double-sided?

Additional Comments?


Can you create and send an e-mail message?

Can you read an e-mail and reply to its sender?

Can you read an e-mail and reply to a group?

Can you read, create and send, and reply to messages in News or other FirstClass conferences?

Can you create an e-mail mailing list?

Do you know how to view who is on a mail list?

Can you forward an e-mail message?

Can you attach a file to an e-mail?

Can you save an attachment to My Documents, z:\, US, MS, or LS Share?

Can you sort your e-mail Mailbox by name, size, subject or last modified?

Can you access FirstClass from home using the software client that you can download? i.e. the interface that we use at school.

Can you access FirstClass on the web from a web browser? i.e. clicking on the link from the Collegiate School web site.

Can you use Find to search for an e-mail?

Can you reply to an e-mail with quote?

Can you change your FirstClass password?

Can you create a new folder in your mailbox and file messages in it?

Do you know how to delete old or unwanted messages?

Can you mark messages as Read or Unread?

Do you know how to e-mail a support request to Technical Support?

Can you initiate a Chat?

Additional Comments?

Microsoft Word / Word ProcessingEdit

Can you save a document in My Documents or on a network share (US, MS or LSShare)?

Can you use Microsoft Word Help including online resources?

Can you identify and use the Menu Bar?

Can you use the Toolbars?

Can you cut, copy, and paste text?

Can you format text in a document using the bold, italics, and underline features?

Can you format text in a document using justification, margins, and tabs?

Can you format text in a document using numbering and bulleting?

Can you use the spelling, grammar and thesaurus tools?

Can you use the Undo and Redo functions?

Can you print a document?

Can you insert clip art?

Can you insert a picture that has been saved?

Can you create a table?

Can you work on a previously created document and save the document using a new name?

Can you set margins?

Can you change the font and font size?

Can you create a header or footer?

Can you add columns to a document?

Can you customize the tool bars?

Can you insert shapes into a document using the Drawing Tool Bar?

Additional Comments?

Microsoft Excel/Spreadsheet

Can you create a simple spreadsheet (for example: gradebook, budget, taxes, checkbook)?

Can you enter and edit data in a spreadsheet?

Can you format a cell to make the text wrap?

Can you use the fill down and fill across features?

Do you understand the three basic types of cell (label, number, and formula)?

Can you create a formula using cell references?

Can you use formulae to add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate averages and percentages?

Can you format a cell or range of cells for the following: currency, date, time, percentages, and/or fixed decimal?

Can you create and modify a chart, i.e. Are you able to create the three basic types of graphs (bar, pie, and line) from spreadsheet data?

Can you format a spreadsheet for printing?

Can you add borders to cells in a spreadsheet?

Additional Comments?

PowerPoint/Presentation Software

Can you create a PowerPoint presentation?

Can you insert clip art or pictures into a PowerPoint presentation that are saved on your computer?

Can you change the font size and color?

Can you save a presentation?

Can you choose a template design for your presentation?

Can you edit a slide background?

Can you add transitions between slides in a PowerPoint presentation?

Can you hide a slide?

Can you change the order of slides?

Can you set timings so that a slide show runs on its own without clicking the mouse?

Can you add sound to your presentation?

Additional Comments?


Can you open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Can you access a specific Website by entering the appropriate URL in the Address Bar?

Do you understand what a URL means?

Do you know how to copy images from the Internet?

Can you create and use a Favorite or Bookmark?

Can you navigate forward and backward through pages of a web site?

Can you conduct a simple search using a search engine?

Additional Comments?

General Questions

Are you: Faculty Staff Administration

Your Department: FILL IN

For Faculty:

What are the barriers to more or better integration of technology into the curriculum?

Are there any technology professional development courses that you would like us to offer?

Are there any technology professional development courses that you would like to teach?

For Staff:

What are the barrriers to more or better integration of technology into your job functions?

Are there any technology professional development courses that you would like to teach?

Are there any technology professional development courses that you would like us to offer?

Name (optional):

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We look forward to using the data collected to better server the Collegiate community.

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