Matric No:     2012/3/0018TE

Department:  EDU/TECH

Level:              400L

SET INDUCTION: it is used to arouse the interest of the students and create curiosity and motivation in a classroom situation. It is broader than introduction.

FIELD TRIP METHOD: This is a method of teaching science that what is don e and teach in class is been put into practice during a period of time which might be call (industrial training or siwes).

EXPLANATION METHOD: Is the skill where the teacher needs to adequately possess his skill to be able to convey his ideas to his students affectively and efficiently

DISCUSSION METHOD: This is a skill where the teacher and students share ideas, compare views on a given problem or a situation.

EXCURSION METHOD: Is a method where the teacher skills that has been convey is then put into practice by taking the student out to see what real situation that is been brought or teach in class.


Lesson plan is usually written in steps and each steps usually states what the teacher is to do and the student activities at the different stage of the lesson

There are three steps involve in the preparation of a lesson in science

·         Think of who is to be taught

·         Think of what to be taught

·         How is it to be taught?

In writing a lesson plan we must consider the following factors

1)      Average age of the learner

2)      Specific or behavioral objectives

3)      Entry behavior or previous knowledge

4)      Instructional materials

5)      Introduction

6)      Body of the lesson

7)      Summary and evaluation

8)      Assingment

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