AIMS Retreat Session Notes 4-26-06

What are the implications of this book for education?

What would cause us to change the way we do things?

  • if someone figured out how to outsource our function
    • Stanford is forming a virtual high school (NAIS connected)
  • when the job market changes (fewer white collar jobs) can be a tipping point
    • our alumni will no longer have good opportunities perhaps
  • enrollment decline will be the tipping point
  • if the public schools change, that will force us to change

Our schools should be a "self-contained experience of intrinsic value" (Knight Kiplinger).

Four Types of Specialists Who Will Succeed:

  • people who have to be there (service sector, tradesmen)
  • people incredibly good at what they do (heart surgeon, engineer)
  • people who are very flexible and adaptable
  • people with human connection social skills

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