AIMS Retreat Session 4-24-06

Other names: screenagers, millenials

Articles & Sites:
Myth of the Digital Native blog
Adopt and Adapt: 21st-Century Schools Need 21st-Century Technology
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky

Workshop Questions:

1. Make a list of hardware, Software, Sites that are tools of digital natives. The tools that drive "Web 2.0" or the "Read/Write Web."

2. Do you agree with the article's argument that digital natives are thinking processing in new ways?

3. Can you think of other examples of the "accents" of digital immigrants?

4. How can we teach kids to use these tools wisely? How do we get them to "thoughtful user status"?

5. Does the divide between natives & immigrants split along student/teacher lines? Do you think it's that clear?

6. What are paradigms that technology shifts? (accelerator, amplifier, access, connector, time-shifting, distributed authorship/processing, open-source, flattening, multi-tasking, multi-processing, hyperthreading)?

7. What skills should we be teaching digital natives to prepare them for a world of work in which industries are changing and outsourcing so much? (flexibility, collaboration, perseverance, diverse skill-set, nimble, self-motivated, creativity, project-management, motivation/hunger/passion, curiousity/interest, "living outside your comfort zone"...)

8. How to involve parents?

9. Alternatives (getting beyond Fear as the model)

10. Modeling at a retreat using the tech to podcast.

11. Enclaves of immigrants, how do we help assimilate/naturalize them?

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