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9-14-07 Edward droped by this site and made a test article Academia Sinica.

12-28-06 - I hope you all don't mind, I'm adding a grad school item to this Wiki on Emerging Technology Trends in Classrooms and Corporations. My students will be editing and updating it from around Jan. to Mar. and if the course goes well it will be rerun May through July. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for this terrific real-life learning community. -- Pamela

10-16-06 Thanks for the shout-out Fred, i appreciated it. btw, I like your idea about posting upcoming events on the top of the home page... -demetri

10-16-06 I'm planning on doing a weekly email to ISED (and perhaps two other listserves) with a given week's contributors and what they contributed. To start this off I'm planning on sending an email out with the names of all those who have already contributed. Dimitri, if you have any objections please let me know. Fred Bartels

6-17-06 What about adding an upcoming events section where people good post blurbs about conferences, workshops, etc. I'd perhaps put this at the top of the page but thought I'd see what others think before making the change. Fred Bartels

4-04-06 Demitri, thanks for the Teaching with Technology section. I sent some of the links your students created, the ones on ancient civilization to our 5th grade teacher and he was thrilled - there were things he hadn't seen yet and he has a huge collection.

4-04-06 Also - I created a Curriculum Mapping page off the Instructional section - we had a roundtable of some NJAIS people and wanted to do more collecting and sharing. So thanks all for this resource we can all use. -- Pamela Livingston (who keeps forgetting to logon)

2-28-06 I do have students in my grad class working on the Teaching With Technology section. Please let me know if you see any problems. thanks, User:Demetri

2-8-06 reorganization, yes please! alphabetized would be great, but i think we need to rethink the headers. if i am new to the wiki, information should be easily located via categories. perhaps we should bring some librarians into the mix. i can ask our librarian. - arvind

2-8-06 Wondering if we need to organize the home page a bit more... alphabetize the headings? perhaps rename digital infrastructure as technology infrastructure? have a separate heading for workshops? -demetri

2-8-06 didn't give my fellow wiki-writers enough credit. we already have a section for conferences and workshops. i think we should organize those a bit and move the link to your workshop into those existing categories. then, more of us can contribute our own workshops to the wiki. - arvind

2-8-06 Pamela, I saw your page and wish I could attend the workshop. I think brining more educators into this mix will be great. Maybe make it an assignment for workshop attendees to contribute to the site. The more people we have working, the better. Perhaps we can start a "Workshops" or "Conferences" section where others can do similar things. -arvind

2-4-06 Hi Pamela, if you need help, just shoot me an email :) or Skype me at popdmo. One easy way to find your way back to any new pages you've created is to click the link to "Recent Changes" over to the left <-- on the menu. This link shows all recently edited pages on the wiki, and has links to them. -demetri

2-4-06 A college professor in ed tech at Montclair State University and I are working on a workshop to be given this Thursday 2/9/06 on Connecting Emerging Learning Theories with Emerging Technology, through NJAIS. We hope you are okay with us putting our links and information on this workshop on this wiki. It can then model a wiki, include a lot of links, and hopefull provide a resource. I created it here and now seem to have lost it as a link within the headings of this site, so will keep working, and ask for help next week if needed. This is a terrific resource, by the way, and the site itself will be one of the places we're going to encourage workshop attendees to visit. - Pamela Livingston

2-3-06 We should discuss whether or not we want to keep this going at Wikicities, or if there is a better option. What do people think? Maybe at the bottom of the wikis page we can start a "Reviews" section and evaluate our options. -arvind

1-21-06 I'm seeing the hide/show link this morning. I think the wikicities servers were undergoing upgrades over the last 2 days, so that might be why the function wasn't there before. Editing seems back to normal today. They've also implemented a new anti-spam script that checks any page updates against a list of spammers, and rolls back the page, if a link to a spam site is found. -demetri

1-20-06 The hide/show link under the little contents box -that shows up when you have more than 4 headings on a page- is broken. Probably a template thing. Demetri? ;-) Fred

1-20-06 Editing seems to be blocked today by an overly aggressive spam filter. I'm looking into it now. 9am est -demetri

1-19-06 Interesting issue of Jason Johnson adding a new section for timeline software even though content on this subject might be more logically placed under Subject Area Apps... Librarians, we need your help!!!! ;-)

1-18-06 I do think we could use a newsy area on the front page that highlights recent contributions. I'll be glad to work on the content if someone will create the format. -fred

1-18-06 From what I've read about wiki seeding, I'm not surprised this wiki hasn't blossomed yet. It says that it may take a year of active work by just a few people before a wiki may gain more popular support. I don't think we should intentionally limit ourselves to the Independent School community, because I believe public school IT coordinators are going to struggle with many of the same needs that we have. There's also a growing number of 1:1 initiatives in the public school space, and we can collaborate on that front. in some spaces public schools are ahead of us, e.g. data-driven-decision making (d3m) and we should try to tap into that. Even if a lot of the info on this wiki is related to independent schools, i feel like naming the wiki as that will exclude potential contributors. jm2c, i'm open to debate on this :) -demetri

1-18-06 Sorry about that Talk:Main_Page confusion. I put a re-directer on that page. To modify the navigation bar on the left... for example, to rename the link to our home page, you put "MediaWiki:Mainpage" into the end of the URL, then if you edit the resulting screen you can change the name of the link (if the page is "protected" then with admin privileges you first "unprotect" it). This is true for all the links over there, but you have to know the name used in the namespace. Putting a hyphen into the editing screen is supposed to result in removing the link, but on the nav bar in MediaWiki 1.5 you need to go to MediaWiki:Sidebar for those particular items. Here's a link to the full MediaWiki namespace list: NameSpace List. Supposedley to change an actual URL you put Mediawiki:Mainpage-url.

1-17-06 Wondering how people feel about "ISIT Wiki" for a name, ISIT being the acronym for Independent School Information Technology. I know Dimitri is not thrilled with the idea of labeling this as an independent school effort, but that in fact appears to be what it is. Fred

1-16-06 Definitely were two home pages. Very confusing. Since "" opens this page I moved everything over here from the other "main page". I can't figure out how to get to the template for the navigation bar on the left. Dimitri knows how to do this. Fred

1-15-06 it it just me, or do we seem to have more than one home page going? when i click the school computing wiki icon at the top left, i get this page, but this page i am currently writing the comments on, is this page. What is going on? I think one needs removed, right? --arvind

1-15-06 I can't believe people are porn-spamming the education wiki. Come on spammers, have some class...arvind

1-15-06 Someone using the IP # added a bunch of porn sites to the main page. I deleted them and blocked the user for 24 hours. Fred

1-10-06 Ok, i'll put it back to tight. thanks. btw, the wikicities have been experiencing some technical difficulties yesterday and this morning. -demetri

1-10-06 Demetri, I think I liked the tighter look better. I could see all the links at once. fred

01-09-06: We need volunteers to write weekly humorous and friendly and clever and effective (no pressure) reminders to ISED and possibly other listserves about this wiki. wiki contribution pleas fred

01-06-06: Does anyone else notice occasional slow-downs in page load time? -demetri

There were some problems yesterday but we never found the cause of it before it seemed back to normal. Angela (talk) 15:50, 6 Jan 2006 (UTC)

12-20-05: I made some changes on the Main Page - please feel free to roll them back if you have any qualms. I teach public school educational-technology teachers and believe they struggle with many of the same issues as independent schools, so I propose blending them in more (as I did). -Demetri

12-15-05 Looks like we had our first corporate post. A user named "infosnap" put a direct link to the Infosnap web page on the main page. It should probably get moved into one of the resource sections, but an interesting development nonetheless. - arvind

-I moved the Infosnap information to the appropriate page. It will be interesting to see if we get more of these. If so perhaps we can articulate a vendor posting policy. -Fred

If you find you have problems with spammers trying to add inappropriate links, please report them at Wikicities:Talk:Spam Blacklist. Angela (talk) 15:50, 6 Jan 2006 (UTC)

12-12-05: "About this Wiki: This wiki site was created -but entirely empty- when I found it on December 9, 2005. It was created in April 2005. Rather than request a new wiki from the WikiCities admins I decided to use this existing empty site. If this is unacceptable to the person who originally created the site please let me know and I'll work with the WikiCities folks to create a new wiki." We used wikis extensively in the Pepperdine Masters program last year. The first wiki we set up were accused of "wiki squatting" This is a good item to place here. It is likely that this was created and abandoned as one was experimenting with wiki technology.-Chris

12-10-05: Am wondering if we should encourage contributors to join the SchoolComputing-L list (see left side bar "mailing lists" link). Some offline discussion might help us to coordinate efforts. -Tom

12-5-05: Site design issues: As we are starting to get some content I'm wondering about some design issues. One is the heading that I've been putting on pages. This doesn't seem to be necessary as the link text is used for the heading.

12-1-05: Is it wise to allow anyone to edit? perhaps it would be prudent to require an account before you can add or edit a page. Also, is there any way to increase the time-out of the cookies? i was writing a lengthy post when I noticed that i was no longer logged in...

Skin update

Hi, you may have heard that Wikia is updating its default skin to "Monaco" (skin info, features). This wiki is currently on the old Quartz skin (you may see it differently depending on your preferences). So we would like to switch you over. There are 7 color schemes to choose from:

Mini_sapphire.png Mini_jade.png Mini_slate.png Mini_smoke.png
Sapphire Jade Slate Smoke
Mini_beach.png Mini_brick.png Mini_gamer.png
Beach Brick Gaming

Alternatively, you can choose to make a custom scheme, like Memory Alpha, Military Wikia, Rappelz or even (if you really want to see what can be done) UK Transport Wikia. For more examples, see here.

Any admin can set the scheme, just go to your preferences, choose the "skin" tab, and scroll down to the admin options section. For a custom scheme you will need to follow the instructions on the help page.

We need to make the switches soon, so if I don't hear from you, I'll change to Monaco in a couple of days time. Then you can decide on your ideal scheme later. If you decide on a custom scheme, and need some help, then let me know! (Sorry to break out of the normal design, but it wouldn't have been feasible for this). Kirkburn (talk) 05:50, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

@Kirkburn Ok, thanks for the heads up. I changed it to saphire. I notice there is a blank area at the top of the home page. Please tell me you are not going to put banner advertising there. Demetri 11:53, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

Thanks! Wikia is ad supported, so yes - that space is where an ad would appear (if not blocked). Note that the main page is the only place a logged in user would see an ad. Kirkburn (talk) 08:55, 4 August 2008 (UTC)

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