Schools where each student has a tablet (and all teachers)Edit

Parentheses indicate which grades are currently 1:1 with tablets for 07-08

Schools where each teacher has a tablet (but not students)Edit

  • Washington Episcopal School
  • Harrow International School, Thailand
  • The Principia School, St. Louis, Missouri
  • St. Paul Academy and Summit School, St. Paul, Minnesota (10-12)
  • St.Christopher's School, Richmond,VA (JK-12)
  • Taipei American School (6-12)

Advantages of Tablets Over LaptopsEdit

Please see: Advantages of Tablets Over Laptops

Examples of Tablet UseEdit

Slide-Show of Examples - by Demetri (updated 10-18-07, send me more!)

How do you use your tablet? <-- Please add to this page!

Tablet Handbooks, Guides, & Files for Parents, Students, TeachersEdit

Please access the ISEnet ning Tablet Group to view files and to upload your own. Thanks to Columbus School for Girls for starting this off!

Mickey's House of VillainsEdit

    • Heroes with Aladdin and her Numbuh 362 and Numbuh 86 and Numbuh Infinity and her KND Guards in The Greatest Heroes of Convention Center as.
  • Donkey Kong Diddy Tiny Lanky Chunky Cranky Funky Bluster Candy Mickey Minnie Goofy Donald Daisy Duck Alvin Simon Theodore Brittany Jeanette Eleanor Spongebob Patrick Gary Mr. Krabs Sandy Pearl Larry Mrs. Puff Mermaidman Barnacleboy Grandma Spongebob Earthworm Jim Dorie Reanne Mirabelle Ellie Caitlyn Ms. Cooper Todd Josie Penny Stewart Oliver and Simon Hanson Amanda Melissa Gia Yamauchi Carey Justin Mackenzie Haley Juilet Belinda Evan Karen Bo Jeremy David Peter Autumn Phillip Keith Scooter Shannon Nichloas Robbie Jen Numbuh 1 Numbuh 0 Numbuh 2 Numbuh 3 Numbuh 4 Numbuh 5 Numbuh 83 Numbuh 84 Numbuh 60 Numbuh 58 Numbuh 59 Numbuh 116 Numbuh 398 Numbuh 44 Numbuh 44 Numbuh 142 Numbuh 143 Numbuh 149 Numbuh 161 Numbuh 101 Numbuh 9 Numbuh 888 Numbuh 440 Numbuh 14 Numbuh 15 Numbuh 16 Numbuh 10 Numbuh 16 (Egypt) Numbuh 17 Numbuh 18 Numbuh 19 Numbuh 20 Numbuh 0 (Monty Uno) Numbuh 999 Numbuh 42 Numbuh 61 Numbuh 62 Numbuh 63 Numbuh 64 Numbuh 35 Numbuh 74,239 Numbuh 71,562 Numbuh 99 Numbuh 202 Numbuh 275 Numbuh 23 Numbuh 21 Numbuh 78 Numbuh 28 Numbuh 10-Speeded Numbuh 10-Squared Numbuh 11-Teen Numbuh 34 Numbuh 100 Numbuh 191 Numbuh 19th Century Numbuh 50 Millon BC Numbuh 12 Numbuh 202 Numbuh 41 Numbuh 43 Numbuh 53 Numbuh 20-20 Numbuh T (Tommy) Lizzie Mushi Joey Beetles Numbuh 363 Bradley Sector V Hamsters Cloe Jade Sasha Yasmin Nora Nita Cameron Harvey Ms. Calabash Bloo Mac Eduardo Wilt Coco Frankie Mr. Herriman Red Ranger Green Ranger Black Ranger Pink Ranger Blue Ranger Yellow Ranger White Ranger Red Zeo Ranger Trey the Gold Ranger Blue Zeo Ranger Pink Zeo Ranger Yellow Zeo Ranger Green Zeo Ranger Red Turbo Ranger Phantom Ranger Blue Senturion Blue Turbo Ranger Green Turbo Ranger Yellow Turbo Ranger Pink Turbo Ranger He-Man Superman Lion-O Optimus Prime Bucky O'Hare She-Ra Cody Webb Demi Lovato Sora Sonic Knuckles Tails Amy Cream Cheese Cosmo the Seedrian and LarryBoy.

School Comments on Makes and Models of TabletsEdit

  • We are using the Lenovo ThinkPad x60. The model is 6363-6du and it feature a 1.83 ghz chip with 1 gb of memory, 60 gb hard drive, and a 12.1 screen. It is very light and surprisingly fast.
  • We deployed Lenovo X60 tablets in August, we opted for a 1.8GHz, 2Gb, 80Gb HD model. All users were issued a docking station with Supermulti drive. We are currently testing the X61 and are most impressed.
  • We also have the Lenovo X41 Tablets. Last year's model was a 1.4 GHz chip, 512 MB RAM and a 40 GB HD. This year's model has a 60GB HD, a 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. We also made them significantly faster by cutting out the Lenovo preload bloat. We've been very pleased with these. We've looked at the X60 Tablet with a core-duo for next year and it is fantastic.
  • St. Paul Academy and Summit School is using Toshiba M700s in grades 8-9 and Intel Classmate Convertibles (Nobis from EquusCS) in grades 6-7.
  • Norwood School used the Toshiba M400 tablets for several years but in 2007 switched to the Fujitu Lifebook T4215 because the hinge seems sturdier and the stylus lives next to the screen.
  • Toshiba M400 tablet. The specs are Core Duo, 1.83GHz, 40GB hdd and 1GB of RAM. I chose to eval the Toshiba beacuse they were the only ones that had a built in optical drive.
  • We originally started out with Toshiba Portege m200 for our faculty two years ago. They are working just fine and teachers are using them daily. This year we rolled out 32 HP tc4200 for our sixth graders in year long 1-1 pilot starting the first day of school.
  • Harpeth Hall started three years ago with the Lenovo Thinkpad X41, then moved to the X60 last year. Lenovo's tablet is a sturdy, reliable machine. We also purchased two Gateway e-155cs last year and are trying them out this year with teachers who need optical drives.
  • Battle Ground Academy began with Toshiba Tecra M4s for faculty in 06-07, and 9th/10th grades students bought the Toshiba M400s in 07-08. In 08-09 we used Dell Latitude XTs, and for 09-10 will be using Lenovo x200 tablets.
  • St. George's School began a tablet program using Toshiba Portege M400. Over 60% of the system boards failed in the first year. They Fujitsu Lifebook 4215 was used as the tablet for the 07-08 school year, with the 4220 used for 08-09. The Fujitsu's have been much more successful.

Manufacturer InfoEdit

The base price for the 14-inch E-295C convertible notebook is $1,549. Gateway has partnered with Wacom to refresh its with an electronic palette for digital art. The battery acts as a hand grip for carrying.

x61 seems to be the current model (x61t). A new x200 tablet is expected Q3 2008.

Portege M400 is being refreshed as the M700. Release date spring 08.

Intel Classmate Tablet PC Released in January 2009.

Web Sites for Tablet News, Tips, etc.Edit

Tablet Conferences & WorkshopsEdit

Professional Development ApproachesEdit

Please see: Approaches to Professional Development

Digital Text BooksEdit

An obvious use of tablets is to allow annotation and access to electronic text books. Please see Electronic Books and Texts to add to a list of available resources.

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