NAME-  Egwim Winifred Njideka

DEPT-Educational Technology

MAT-Direct Entry




What is teaching method?

Teaching methods are those methods used by teachers for effectiveness and enhancement of learning process.

There are many methods of teaching science namely;

(1)PROJECT METHOD; This is a perfect method of teaching science in schools. It can be practiced by student through the teachers’ direction to do the practical in a constructive way.

(2)QUESTIONING METHOD; This is a method where the teacher ask the student question concerning the new topic that has just been introduced. This method enables the student to read more and vast when it comes to science and other related subjects.

(3)DISCUSSION METHOD; this is another good method of teaching science, where the learner has the ability and free will to discuss, interact, and learn to listen tolerate others views and opinions.

(4)FIELD TRIP METHOD; This is a good method of teaching science which involves the learner gaining an advantage on what have been taught so far and give the learner the opportunity of touching and seeing what they are conversant with in the class room.

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NAME-  Egwim Winifred Njideka

DEPT-Educational Technology

MAT-Direct Entry

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Name; Uko Udoh

School; C D S S Ikeja

Class;JSS 1B

Date; 17th june, 2014

Time;800am – 8.40am

Duration; 40minutes

Topic; living things

Average age of learners; 12years old

Specific/Behavioral Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to;

(a)Define Living things

(b)Give examples of Living things.

(c)Explains the characteristics of Living things

(d)Give the difference between plants and animals.

Entry behavior; The learner have been taught in the previous lesson about plants and animals.

Instructional material: A diagram of plants and animals.

Introduction: The teacher asks the learner to define living things.

Development: Step 1.The teacher defines Living things.

Step 2.The teacher cites examples of Living things.

Step 3.The teacher explains the characteristics of Living things.

Step 4. The teacher cites the differences between plants and animals.

Evaluation: The teacher asks the learner the following questions;

(a)who is a living thing?

(b)Give examples of living things.

(c)Briefly explain the characteristics of a living thing.

(d)List the differences between plants and animals.

Summary: The teacher goes over the lesson again to make it clearer for the learner.

Assignment: The learners are to read further about plants and animals and how it responds to stimulus

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