Share and Look For Surplus Information Technology "Stuff"

Contributors: Add a section for your school with the name of a contact person. List in it the surplus IT stuff you would like to deaquisition (get rid of). This could be printer and toner cartridges you no longer need, old networking equipment, even old computers. Whatever you've got lying around and no longer need or want. To make things simple be willing to absorb any reasonable mailing costs of whatever items you list (think of it as giving back to the community).

Bargain Hunters: If you find a school that has some stuff you would like do the following. Edit the wiki and cut and paste the items you are interested in. Send an email to he contact person. In the top of the email list the items in which you are interested. Toward the bottom of the email put your school's address.

==Rye Country Day School== Fred Bartels

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