Questions to evaluate the overall school experienceEdit

  • Is school work meaningful?
  • Are your courses interesting?
  • Do you think school will be important later in life?

Questions to evaluate a specific teacher/classEdit


  • The teacher is enthusiastic and interested in the course material.
  • The teacher makes me feel enthusiastic and interested in the course material.


  • The teacher cares about my learning.
  • The teacher makes an effort to help the students who are having difficulty.
  • The teacher is available for additional help outside of class.


  • The teacher is well-prepared and on-time for class.
  • The teacher commits to instruction for the entire class period and class time is productive.
  • The teacher carefully explains assignments and presents material in a well-organized manner.
  • The teacher returns assignments (quizzes, tests, papers) in a timely manner
  • The teacher provides adequate feedback on graded material.


  • The teacher maintains effective classroom discipline.
  • The tone of the classroom makes me feel comfortable voicing my thoughts and opinions.


  • The teacher encourages questions and shows respect for individual and differing opinions.
  • The teacher provides and encourages active participation and adequate opportunity for questions.
  • The teacher uses a variety of activities and materials other than the textbook to present and expand the subject. (library resources, technology media, etc.)


  • The teacher is fair and impartial to all students.
  • The teacher treats me and my ideas with respect.
  • The teacher is encouraging and understanding when dealing with students.
  • The requirements of the course (projects, papers, exams) are explained adequately.
  • The teacher is fair and reasonable in his/her expectations.
  • The teacher makes it clear what is expected of students.


  • The teacher challenges me in an appropriate way.
  • The assignments contribute to my understanding of the subject.
  • The teacher encourages us to seek ways to apply our knowledge to situations outside the classroom.
  • How would you rate this teacher in terms of overall effectiveness?


  •  ???


  • How do you usually feel about coming to class?

Very Negative Negative Neutral Positive Very Positive

  • I am expecting my grade in this course to be...
  • Please comment on the aspects of the course that you enjoyed and have helped you learn...
  • Please make suggestions for improving any aspect of the course...

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