A Student Information System (SIS) manages student records and information. A SIS may handle course management, scheduling, personnel records, grades/comments, room/resource management and more. They can be used to run complex enrollment reports, admissions, course schedules, grades and more. A SIS helps schools manage various operations including student data, administrative, and fundraising operations. SIS is different from Course or Learning Management Systems (CMS or LMS) A SIS allows for the quick and accessible flow of information. A SIS provides teachers and administrative staff with useful tools to automate the daily routine of simple tasks. Many SIS are web-based allowing access from any computer with an internet connection with no additional software installation. The management of web-based software is much more centralized and easier to keep updated. By implementing a SIS to manage daily school needs, teachers and administrators can save time and have immediate access to a variety of student data. These systems are needed for all parties involved in education – parents, children, teachers, administrators, alumni, etc. A SIS allows parents a quick and easy way to communicate with their children's teachers or the school administration. Parents are more involved when they receive up-to-date information about the school events, grades, school attendance, homeworks etc. Teachers receive automated grade-books, reports, links to parent info, etc. Students may access assignments and grades.

Student Information Systems Edit

Commercial SIS Providers: Edit

  • Edufar A cloud based (Saas) school, college, educational institution management software.
  • Zeroerp education-School Management Software, cloud based software and school app

Free and Open Source SISEdit

  • Kornukopia A free SAAS Student Information System with LMS and LCMS modules.
  • A1 Academia - an Open Source Campus Student Information System
  • CAMEMIS - Free Education Management Information System which is run on web based with full features.
  • Centre SIS - an Open Source Student Information System
  • ClaSS complete web-based student information and school managment system
  • OS4Ed - a fork of Centre
  • DART - Standards-based SIS - Integrates with Mediawiki-based curriculum system; 15 new modules to extend functions; all grading systems now supported.
  • eduTrac an Open Source College Management System powered by PHP and tinyPHP MVC Framework.
  • Fedena - Web based enterprise solution for Schools and Colleges built in Ruby on Rails
  • Open Admin
  • openSIS A new paradigm in open source SIS
  • RosarioSIS - another fork of Centre/SIS
  • SchoolTool
  • Student Data System (Customizable, web-based WEB 2.0 )
  • SchoolTime - (online student information system)

Customer Relations Management (CRM)Edit

(These might be adaptable to serve the role of a student info system.)

Other school-related database softwareEdit

Athletics Scheduling, Record-Keeping, etc.Edit

Nurse & Health Info DatabasesEdit

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Scheduling SoftwareEdit

Many of the products listed above include scheduling modules. Other products include:

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