So we want to

  1. clearly articulate our selection criteria
  2. ease the transition from submission to publication
  3. faciliate other schools ability to replicate or adapt the examples
  4. use the questions as guidelines but not restrict submissions too narrowly to each question
  5. make it easy for a group of people to fairly and remotely evaluate the submissions and select the examples for publicatoin

Anything else on the big picture goals?

then how about

  1. asking for up to 500 words on each of the questions that pertains to the example
  2. requiring a link to a web page that provides an overview of the project, relevent materials for replicating the project, and suggestions to other schools and teachers on replicating or adapting the project
  3. contact information for more informaton

Practical Information to Collect

  1. School size, type, grade range.
  2. Budget required to implement and develop program. Did special fund raising or donations support the program?
  3. Budget required to continue program.
  4. Staff and staff time required to implement and run the program.
  5. Outside (of school) what resources used to start and run the program (groups, agencies, companies, etc.)?

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