Language Arts

Instant Readers is a CD-ROM program that is published by Harcourt. It can be used on a Macintosh or Windows computer. Instant Readers CDs come in various levels depending on the level of the reader. Four stories are included in each leveled CD. This program helps young readers practice their reading fluency and helps build their reading confidence. For each book on the CD, students can choose from look, read, or play mode to complete. The Look section provides a preview of the book’s story line and sentence patterns. The Read section allows the students to read the book independently or hear the book read aloud to them. In the Play section, students can play games associated with the story they just read. These games reinforce phonics, word recognition, comprehension, spelling, and writing. After you click on the above link, scroll down the left hand side of the page and click on electronic learning. Then click on second grade.


Mighty Math Carnival Countdown is a CD-ROM which is produced by Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited. It can be used on Windows or Macintosh. Students can choose from five sections, which help practice skills such as basic number sense, odd/even, multiplication, perimeter, geometry, and place value. Each of the five sections can be changed in level of difficulty. The program is student friendly, while the directions are easy to follow.

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions is also a CD-ROM program which is very similar to Mighty Math Carnival Countdown. It is produced my Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited and can be used on Windowns or Macintosh. Students are able to choose from five various games that target different math areas such as geometry, number sense, addition, money and word problems. Each game can be changed in level of difficulty.

Fizz and Martina's Math Adventures is a piece of software from Tom Snyder Production Company. The software is recommended for students in grades first through sixth. The program focuses on mathematic problem solving and math communication. There is an engaging narrative that the students can listen to, with a 3-step process that allows students to watch, solve and present their answers and thinking.

Graph Club is a piece of software that allows students to enter data and create graphs. Students are able to create bar, pictographs and circle graphs.

Social Studies

Paws in Jobland is a piece of software that allows students to learn about communities, community workers and their responsibilities. Students are able to click on the different buildings that are represented in the town. The buildings that are represented range from a school, to a sports facility, to a grocery store. When the student clicks on a community worker, a picture of the worker appears, along with a voice animated recording of the roles and responsibilities for that worker. Students are also able to answer 25 questions, ranging from what type of subject you enjoy to what you like to do with your free time. After the questions are answered, specific jobs are highlighted based on the student's responses.

Any Subject

Kidspiration is a more kid-friendly version of Inspiration. Students are able to create graphic organizers and webs using this program. Graphics and labels can also be inserted into documents.

Power Point is a piece of software that can be used to create different sides. These sides can be put together to make a side show for a viewing audience. Graphics and various designs can be added into a person's finished product.

With the program Timeliner 5, students are able to enter data into the program to produce time lines. This program allows you to add graphics and choose from various styles to help create your time line.

Kid Pix is a program where students are able to create pictures using any subject area. Students are able to add text to their pieces. There are many options that students can choose to add elements to their finished product, such as adding shapes, illustrations, and backgrounds.

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