Technology in Social Studies


This list includes the title of the software, a link, and a description of the software's capabilities.


  • Map Makers Tool Kit

Help students develop important map skills as they construct and interpret present-day and historical maps.

  • National Geography 3-D Earth

Allows students to explore geography through different types of maps and country information.


  • Decisions, Decisions 5.0

Through role-playing simulations, students learn and apply the lessons of history. Facilitates class discussions and positive interaction.


  • Timeliner 5.0

Helps you and your students tackle challenging content and concepts by visually organizing information on a time line or number line.

  • Virtual Art Collection

Has video and separate CDs covering Greece and Rome

  • Discovering Egypt

Extensive information about Egypt, covering art, music, and virtual navigation of the country.

  • Egypt Hieroglypics Made Easy

Allows students to experience and learn how hieroglyphics work.

  • The First Emperor of China

Covers the findings of archaeologists and also the Qin dynasty.

  • Ancient Medieval History

Includes: maps, primary documents, photographs, art and more. Covers Greece and Rome.

  • Liberty's Kids

Though this is for ages twelve and under, there is a feature for creating newspapers, and watching mini-movies. Could be good for students having difficulty or ESOL.

  • Remembering the Revolutionary War

Includes primary sources, maps, pictures, and general information about the war.

Instructional Aids

  • WebQuest Garden 1.0

Allows teachers to make webquests. Sponsored by the San Diego State University.


This list includes the title of the game, a link, and a description of the games benifits.


  • Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

This detective game asks students to solve geography questions in order to catch to thief Carmen Sandiego.


  • SimCity

This game allows students to try to build and run a city. It forces students to make decisions of how to plan a city as well as try to govern a safe place for people to live.


  • Civilization

Students lead a civilization from hunter and gatherers to world domination. Uses real city names, historical events and figures. Emphasizes importance of diplomacy, trade, geography, and technology.

  • Risk

Allows students to see the strategy of the Roman Empire by playing the game of how to take over the world.

  • Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

Allows students to play and try to build Rome, as well as experience historical moments. Could be played over the course of the Rome unit.

  • Egypt; Tomb of the Pharoah

Game that allows students to interact and explore Egypt.


  • Monopoly

Allows students to use the principles of economics by playing the game of Monopoly.

Internet SitesEdit

This list includes the title of the title of the website, a link, and a description of the website.

  • Marco Polo

Good resource designed to aid teachers in incorperating the internet into instruction. Provides standards based lesson plans as well as staff developement resources.

  • BBC America

Includes great flash information on a variety of topics including Greece, Rome, Indus River Valley, English history and more.

  • National Geographic

Good resource for teachers and students. Student page has interactive topics on multiple discplines.

  • Discovery School

Teachers: can create puzzles and connect to clip art as well as lesson plans, connection to United Streaming, big teacher resource center.

  • Smithsonian Institute

Provides resources for both teachers and students.

  • The British Museum

Provides resources for both teachers and students over a variety of historical subjects.

  • Houghton Mifflin Publishing Website

Good resource to go with a middle school textbook provider that matches curriculum standards.

  • United States Geography Games

This site provides numerous games, each with multiple difficulty levels, that teach U.S. Geography. It is a great resource when teaching the States and Capital Cities of the United States.

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