1. Change the default passwords for all wireless, SNMP,Web server, and Web services you have
  2. Make a copy (clone) of critical systems, services,or configurations as soon as they are setup correctly
  3. Make a list of the 10 most likely reasons you would lose your job over an attack and make sure you either have technology to prevent it or processes to detect it (even if it is after-the-fact)
  4. Reduce the complexity of your environment by removing extraneous systems, services, and executables
  5. Reduce the variety of services you offer
  6. Regularly run vulnerability assessment tools against all of your systems
  7. Beware of modems
  8. Survey your wireless environment to see how far it actually reaches
  9. Test your networked based hosts for the SANS Top 10 problems
  10. Test your Web applications for the OWASP Top 10 problems10

Also See: Wireless Networking & Security


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