School management software is designed and developed to automate all the data management process.

School management software (2)

As a school owner, their are large number of responsibilities, they have to manage all the departments from fees of a student to salary of teachers for a smooth running of a school. Years ago all the management of school were on registers and manual entries were the only solution ,but now School Management Software helps to automate all the data management procedure and lessens the burden and possibility of manual enteries and calculation.

They automate all the management of exam,homework,result fees and also provide notification facility for student,teacher and parents in order to keep them updated about the events happening in school and of their child.It comprises of an app for better communication to parents teacher student and to make it more feasible to users.

This app comprises of all the database management related features. As this software is cloud-based it can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.This can be done with very less time and and requires less people to maintain as a result it saves a lot of expenditure which used to be required in early tradition method with pen and registers.

One of the best school management software is zeroerp education-

some of its feature that make it different from others are-


Today's generation is more comfortable in using app for their work so school management software must comprise both the web and app for management of school;


It does not require a user to be proficient in English to access this software , it supports different languages like english,spanish,urdu,and hindi and many more. User can access all the features of school management software in their native language. We are trying to add all the languages and this can be done according to your requirement.


Every user from student, teacher,parent and admin have separate accounts with their respective permission to view features according to their given permission. Administrator is one who gives permission to all users.

GPS Tracking-

As today parents are worried for their child security, school has to take some action for their assurance. This is possible from GPS Tracking of school vehicle for providing security to student while going back to home


School management software provides a chat facility with more specified features of communication with student-teacher, teacher-parent-and student-student. In this app, a teacher can specifically chat with a student or can broadcast a message to the whole class. So chatting is also possible in the broader aspect which helps in reducing wastage of time of writing the same message to every student.


Notification is one way to communicate with all the users on daily basis with the intention to inform them with information related to an institute. Any new event or function details can be shared with just one click to all users along with specific ones abut a student to their parents.


This includes data management of all the students teacher and parents ,as this software works on cloud based system and thus their is no restriction of particular device,place or time. You can access it from anywhere anytime with any device.

Try zeroerp education for your school.

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