Is it possible for schools to combine their purchasing power to negotiate costs with vendors? While this may seem like a pipe dream there are in fact examples like the k-16 Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium which has negotiated volume licensing from Microsoft, McAfee, and other software/hardware vendors.

Some on the ISED list have said that the varied and unique needs of independent schools make consortium purchasing untenable, yet several schools I know of which have adopted tablets use the Toshiba M200 and purchase through Richards Computer in Virginia. In a case like this, perhaps it would be worth considering, since we're talking about an identical product and one vendor. -demetri

Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) began a consortial purchase program in 1998 to offer discounted services to member schools. This program has grown over the years to offer volume agreements with vendors that can save your school thousands on software and hardware purchases. Click here for current consortial offerings.

New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) has created a consortium for purchasing. Vendors include, Apple, Dell, TechDepot, Finalsite and more are on the way. More information available here.

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