Often we do not take the time to consider a meaningful and long term plan for training within our own departments. We spend our energies instead on training faculty and other staff. This section thus focuses on, "How and why do we train our technology staff?"

Questions to consider:

1. Within independent schools, how important is certification for technology staff? This could be either technical certificates (MCSE, for ex.) and state licensing for teaching.

2. How do you train new staff members, particularly those coming either from the classroom or from the corporate world?

3. Where do you send your staff outside of your own campus for training? Conferences? Local computer training centers (learn Novell, for example)?

4. How important or relevant are advanced degrees in technology in education? Is it worth the expense and time to pursue additional degrees to stay current in the field, or do you find that on-the-job training is sufficient?

5. What is the expected learning curve at your school? One year? Three years? And how does that learning curve affect how you hire? For example, do you look for a large tech skill base to shorten the learning curve, or do you focus on work ethic, belief in the independent school philosophy, classroom experience, and hope to train on tech?

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