Productivity apps are applications useful to students (and anyone, for that matter) as they explore ideas and information. These apps are like a set of tools in a toolbox, and are in addition to subject specific apps. Particularly as 1:1 inititatives developed, the teaching of productivity apps moved out of the "computer classroom" and into the realm of subject areas, being taught where they had more relevance. This move enabled students and teachers to get what they needed when they needed it.

New to these programs? Many of them can be learned by viewing short videos at Atomic Learning or, both of which provide free videos as well as many available through subscription. Also, check out MyProgs, a social networking site for finding new software and keeping your list of programs online.

Email (FirstClass; Microsoft Exchange)

Database (FileMaker...)

Word Processor (Appleworks, Word, Google Docs and Spreadsheets...)

Spreadsheet (Appleworks, Excel, Google Docs and Spreadsheets...)

Presentation (Keynote, Powerpoint, eZedia MX, VoiceThread

Desktop Publishing (Pages, Pagemaker...)

Graphic Organizer (Inspiration, OmniGraffle,Gobinder...)

Other organizers (NoteTaker, Circus Ponies)

Web Page Creation (Dreamweaver, RapidWeaver...)

Image Manipulation (Fireworks, Photoshop Comic Life,Art Rage 2...)

Animation and Movie Making (Flash, QuickTime, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker...)

3D modeling (SketchUp, Maya)

Electronic Books (TK3 ...)

Tablet PC Applications

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