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Revised attempt to craft and draft a set of PGPs that a) keep the list to no more than 13; b) keep the statements short; c) keep the statements powerful; d) reflects the language and work cultivated over the last 6 months; -Steve Bergen Friday 8/25/06

  1. The school includes the key IT leader on the senior administrative team, and the team "models the routine and effective use" of technology integration.
  2. The school recognizes that the most compelling issues regarding technology in the 21st century are educational rather than purely administrative and this is reflected in the key technology leader within the school.
  3. The school operates under a clear set of practices for integrating technology throughout the curriculum but balances that with supporting pioneer educators in exploring new ideas and technologies.
  4. The school respects the financial needs of families and teachers with limited hardware and/or Internet access and works proactively to address these equity needs.
  5. The school recognizes the priorities of computer proficiency for all students growing up in the 21st century, emphasizing critical thinking, risk-taking, collaboration, and problem-solving. This recognition by the school drives ongoing curriculum changes, teaching styles and assessments.
  6. The school respects and affirms the principle that faculty training is the most important priority in moving a school forward because the single most important factor in achieving technology integration is the teacher.
  7. The school develops sustainable long-term plans for financing technology commitments and builds widespread consensus for goals and implementation.
  8. The school provides adequate technology staffing and infrastructure appropriate for its size and operations.
  9. The school requires educators to acquire and demonstrate essential technology skills and proficiencies and creates systems to ensure that these skills are acquired. The school "maintains a process" by which educators acquire and demonstrate essential technology skills and proficiencies.
  10. The school seeks to learn from the experience of other schools' successes in technology integration, and recognizes that colleagues learning from and with each other is an effective piece of professional development.
  11. The school adheres to a clear set of practices to ensure that the philosophical issues of honesty, safety, globalization and gender equity are addressed regarding technology in meaningful ways.

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