• I'm thinking of having a wiki component that has the resources, and maybe ask some people to Twitter to have a "live" component
  • BubbleShare is very cool...a way to do narrated slide shows with all the work being done online.
  • I've seen numerous people present using Second Life, but I don't see much value added in that. What I've seen in SL as a presentation maker strikes me that it's just being done because it's there.
  • I've seen people do presentations in Google Earth, and it was pretty good, especially because there was real value added through the app (one could see what was added by using GE vs. not using it).
  • Gliffy ( at can be cool if you want to do concept mapping on the fly.
  • Using a form of tablet computing (either a tablet computer or an airwriter or wacom tablet) can be effective - especially writing on the screen.
  • The blog Presentation Zen offers considerable insight into maximizing the value of using PowerPoint/Keynote. It has guided me tremendously into changing the ways I think about communicating with PP/KN. PP/KN can be extremely effective, it's got to do with the content and how it's presented and organized. Old-fashioned stand-up lectures can be profoundly scintillating or killer dull. So can the latest 3-D movie.

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