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List of Possible Items to Report OnEdit

Please add to the list below data you would like to propose to NAIS that they collect from member schools, and then make available through the NAIS website. Some of this information NAIS has already. They would just need to relate it to information collected about schools' use of information technology.

General School Data

  • School size
  • Grade range
  • Boarding or Day
  • Tuition range

General Technology Info

  • 1:1 Initiative? Tablet or Laptop (standards and practices)
  • Total Bandwidth - Bandwidth/CPU - Managed or Unmanaged?
  • Computer Teacher staffing
  • specialized Computer Teacher staffing, i.e. laptop facilitator, integrationist - these would be people who spend time in classrooms assisting with the planning and/or teaching of lessons that make use of technology
  • Tech Dept staffing
  • Technology Budgets (annual, capital, planned replacement, salaries) vs. total budget
  • Internet filtering
  • Do you control student access to the Internet, IM and/or Email during study hall?
  • Student Information Systems
  • Equipment Replacement Cycle (How often does your school replace/upgrade hardware?)
  • Software Replacement Cycle (How often does your school replace/upgrade software?)
  • Network security, design and service hosting

Technology Integration Info

  • Computer Curriculum approach - integrated into curriculum or stand alone class or both
  • What are we doing with blended (distributed) learning?
  • Course Management Systems
  • Blogging (Does your school permit/encourage faculty and/or student blogs?)
  • Podcasting (Are events/seminars/lectures available for download?)


  • Virtual communications with staff, parents & students (What percentage of your regular communications is done electronically?)
  • Do you offer Online Applications?

Professional Development

  • proportion of tech budget devoted to tech professional development
  • professional development practices and coordination
  • opinion of which types of professional development have yielded the most beneficial outcomes
  • Organizational change practices related to technology

Purchasing & Vendors

  • do you use internal staff or outside professional vendors? Which is more cost effective?
  • thoughts and data on consortium purchasing
  • vendors with whom you have the largest expenditures

Best practices

  • best examples of technology integration

Comments and ThoughtsEdit

  • NYSAIS Data Collection Effort
  • Data Nebulosity of JRPO: We are reporting member of the jrpo group. I have always had problems with this reporting system as it really does not cover what you are doing with the resources. This is important as each environment is different; dollar, PC, and student counts do not really tell you much. What is it that you really do with the infrastructure and software? What are the services that you provide?


  • Teach What/When/How: The Memphis Association of Independent School's Technology in Education Consortium (MAIS-TEC) is currently collecting similar data from its member schools. Of particular importance is determining what skills are taught at what age and through what technology. Laptops in high school only? Classroom computer centers in grades PK-2nd? Tablets when? And...who teaches the tech skills at each grade level: classroom teacher, computer staff, student learns on his/her own? I invite any independent school staff to take a look at our survey found at SurveyMonkey and adapt it for their own use. Or, perhaps these questions may augment our discussions/collection efforts here? Lorrie Jackson
  • Steve Bergen's Effort: Steve is working at collecting a single number. The percentage of a school's annual operating budget that is spent on information technology (hardware, software, staff... eveything in IT). His efforts can be found here

Some Benchmarking sites Edit

The following higher eduction sites and groups help us benchmark our spending:

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