1.0, 1.0n, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, SB, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0.

structure of the presentation: 10 minutes per person would use the whole hour, we want more audience participation.

could we do the background and rationale as a hand-out?

It's 11:30-12:30, people sometimes stay later, but this does abut lunch time.

People may want to stay and talk with the presenters.

Brief "what the intention of the PGPs are"

Identify the ones we wrestled with the most.

Nice to have feel of conversation, but we need some structure.

"Check in with the audience"

Somebody needs to be the time keeper - Susan can do this

A/V: need a PC projector. will show wiki. show names of all involved.

Could we each choose one of the PGP statements to discuss, within the 4 areas.

  • Curt would do infrastructure and administrative, and focus on 4 "Timely support for the computers and people who use them"
  • Albert would do the Leadership component, focus on #7, also mentioning #5
  • Demetri would do Teaching and Learning, choosing #2 as the most provocative.
  • Lorrie would do prof. dev. choosing #1 to focus on.

How to put this into practice. Case studies or examples. What is the principle? How did it evolve? and How can it be applied in an independent school?

Bring candy

For some folks this could be an introduction to the PGPs in general.

Could link back to wiki.

Due on 1/17/07: PowerPoint slides to Lorrie, any info you want to present, practical applications.

What will the next steps be? How will we carry the conversation forward? Can we create some momentum?

Susan will send another reminder to the task force about participation in developing Case Studies or whatever the next steps might be.

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