Favorite Search & Catalog WebsitesEdit

  • Google
  • interent detective
  • ethics update
  • OSLIS CitationMaker
  • bloglines
  • youtube

Favorite Websites for ContentEdit

  • the NY Times "most popular" list of articles

Favorite HardwareEdit

  • tablet computer (it is so versatile)
  • digital cameras (to record great learning moments and share them. PR is important)
  • office phone headset (it really helps deal with the volume of necessary phone-time)
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner (auto-pdf scanner really helps avoid being overloaded by paper)
  • webcam (enables low-cost video-conferencing and outbound ustream tv)

Favorite SoftwareEdit

  • camtasia snagIt/studio software that helps me help others by doing screen capture/recording

Favorite Online CommunitiesEdit

  • ning
  • twitter
  • wikispaces (ad-free wikis for teachers)
  • Moodle (for class websites)
  • MiddleTalk
  • ISED-L
  • listserves
  • NELMS Chats (just getting started...)

Professional AssociationsEdit

  • NMSA

Favorite List-ServsEdit

See: List-servs

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