Computer-Based Quiz and Test Services

ThatQuiz: free; clean site, currently no ads.


ESL Video: free tool allows you to create quizzes for videos from YouTube etc.

QuizStar: a Web-based subscription service run by a non-profit.

ExamBuilder: a Web-based subscription service.

Quia: a Web-based subscription service.

WebAssign: A Web-based subscription service.

Hot Potatoes: a Java-based program free to publicly funded nonprofit institutions.

Moodle Quiz Module: an add-on module for Moodle, one of the open source Course Management Systems.

Microsoft Class Server assessments: integrated functionality in Microsoft Class Server, one of the commercial Course Management Systems

eLearning School: integrated functionality in eLearning School, one of the commercial Course Management Systems

InQsit: inQsit© is a comprehensive online assessment instrument, created at Ball State University by Dan Fortriede and Vernon Draper.

WikiGame: Questions from Wikipedia.

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