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Q: I would like to set up an online database of school photos that could be accessed by 5 or 6 people who regularly utilize these photos for publications, the web site, etc. These people are on two separate campuses that do not share a quick network connection. This does not need to be a fancy resource, just a good place to make these photos accessible to everyone from one spot. I don't think that a single external hard drive would work, given the two-campus system. Right now, each of these people have some of the photos, and we'd like to have all of the photos in one place. So, I'm looking for a resource that will fit this bill: - Available online - Secure (accessed only by those with login/password) - Can be filed with tags or keywords - Easily searchable - Photos are still available to be downloaded for a high-quality print image Can you please share your thoughts (pros, cons) on the following? Or, do you have additional suggestions? - Picasa - Flickr - Gallery2

A: We use Flickr Pro - $25/year - unlimited storage, etc. We are still transitioning to it from our on campus system. Tags, keywords - yes. High quality images. Access - you have to be creative. You have one login for the pro account but you can share pictures with other *free* accounts. You can only upload (unlimited) from the Pro login.

A: We have a server set-up in house that has a software package "Extensis Port= folio 5.0" installed on it. From within the building we use the software to catalog. The server also is set-up for FTP access so I browse through the file folders at home. I'm not sure if Portfolio supports remote access.

A: We use Smugmug for our storage of photos for yearbook, advertising, etc.

A: iView was acquired by Microsoft and has morphed into Microsoft Expression Media. I don't believe it's geared towards a client/server setup, like Portfolio, but instead better suited for individual photographers to catalog and tweak their own photos. I've used Gallery in the past and find it quite suitable for such a project, although its tagging and keyword based smart album features are immature at best. I currently use Smugmug for my personal photo library and like it quite a bit. I believe they have pro and organizational packages that might fit your needs.

A: has most of the flickr pro services for free and a Pro version as well that allows greater customization. The interface is pretty but sometimes the functionality is clunky. has a stripped down interface, but I find it pretty intuitive. The Pro version is cheaper than smugmug. is a great open-source product that can be a little tricky to set-up initially, but the windows installer is pretty good. You can host it on your LAN so, in theory it is faster, but it can be more complex if you want to share galleries with parents and others. - I don't think it meets all your needs but it is a pretty slick product for professional image management and keeps you from having to open up photoshop most of the time. I have only used it as a single user but it saved me a lot of time.

A: I'm a Flickr fan, too, and I created a private group for my school where contributors can pool photos. Also, I really like the gallery feature in iPhoto '08 which allows you to create a password protected photo space if you have a .Mac account. People can view your photos in a slideshow, download photos, and even contribute by adding pictures of their own.

A: Three options that come readily to mind -- all are web based: The first is Gallery2 -- You can also do this in a few different ways using Drupal -- Drupal also offers automatic scaling alongside retaining the original, so you can have the mechanism to quickly load a smaller size image that links to the original. The third option is DAlbum, at -- this is the simplest solution, but DAlbum has been around for years, and is a great application.

A: Gallery is fantastic. Lots of features and runs rock solid on a typical LAMP server.

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