Information about putting online the various forms teachers and administrators in schools must complete.

From 5/25/2006

We use FileMaker for this. Works very nicely. Form layouts can be customized any way you want. If you have forms that need to be redone each year, with minor modifications, it is easy to let people duplicate the form they filled out the previous year and then make only the the needed changes. When each user logs into the database they see a list of all the forms they have previously entered. It is great to have that archive of past completed forms easily accessible.

A prototype of the database we developed is located here:

From L.G. on 5/26/2006

We use a web-based form system that works pretty well. It's called and allows you to create and post forms online with little effort and you can automatically send the forms to the right people. We have customized the html code so that we can Cc: those who need to receive the forms as well. It's not a perfect system, but very inexpensive and it's great because faculty and staff can access the forms from anywhere they can access the Internet.

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