One to One (1:1) computing is one major approach to providing ubiquitous access to digital information technology. Please add information about 1:1 computing below.

Information ResourcesEdit

  • One to One Wiki This wiki is for teachers who want to share information about teaching computer enabled students.
  • Learning With Laptops This site is meant to be a source of honest and independent information about student laptop programs. It is run by educators for educators. We do not receive funds from any computer hardware or software companies.
  • The Laptop Institute An annual conference of schools (mostly inpendent schools) interested in 1:1 computing. Held at the Lausanne Collegiate school in Memphis.

Independent Schools with 1:1 ProgramsEdit

Learning With Laptops List of Independent Schools with 1:1 Programs If you would like your school added or removed from this list please contact

New Developments in 1:1 ComputingEdit

  • G1:1 A group of researchers and academicians working to promote and guide the implementation of MIT's $100 laptop initiative.
  • Asapy company - A company of PHP web development.

Arguments Pro and ConEdit

Arguments in favor of One-to-One Computing

Having a laptop in the hands of a student, used as a digital assistant (the term borrowed from Prakash Nair for more information, has been shown in studies from the State of Maine, the State of Michigan, Beaufort Independent School District, and Athens Academy to result in more engaged students and teachers creating enriched curriculum. There is also evidence that school attendance improves and discipline issues decline. Contrary to some discussions, there has also been improved test scores in English in some cases and Math in other cases.

-- Pamela Livingston

Developing a Laptop ProgramEdit

This is a space where school's that are exploring 1:1 programs can collaborate with schools that have 1:1 programs.

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