One-to-One Readiness AssessmentEdit

Proper preparation for a 1:1 program can save money and headaches. Educational Collaborators offers a free online 1:1 readiness instrument to help schools and districts determine how ready they are to deploy their program. Unlike a lot of the tools offered by vendors, this survey-based tool covers issues like the decision making process, communication, professional development, and assessment. It takes a while to fill it out but it is really worth the time.

Educational Collaborators is a consulting group comprised mostly of full-time educators that work part-time in teams to help other schools. Because they are a company, they ask for your contact information at the beginning of the survey. However, there is no obligation to buy anything and they don't constantly bug you or sell your contact info.

The link to the assessment is below:

One-to-One Readiness Instument

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