If you have any type of formalized on demand professional development at your school, please add a description of it.

Tech Integration Specialist Edit

Technology Integration Specialist is the position about to be described. After reading the description, if anyone has a suggestion for a descriptive job title that's less of a mouthful, please let me know!

At Rye Country Day I teach two middle school sections of Flash Animation and team-teach one upper school Digital Design class. The remainder of my time is spent with teachers and students providing on demand support. This consists of curriculum development, lesson planning, team teaching, facilitative teaching (being a second set of hands), and tech "how to" sessions with individuals or small groups of faculty. There is also the non-on demand portion, where I try to proselytize in a pleasant manner with the hope of creating a need for some on demand sessions. In this case the goal is to inform and persuade.

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