For the 2008 retreat, we are considering Hall Davidson. His vita is here. Please take a look at his stuff and leave your comments here by clicking the "edit" tab above, to edit this page. He did an online webinar about multimedia in education which can be viewed.

  • Having visited his webpage and looking at his materials I am onboard. His background affords us a lot of flexibility. - David Withrow Post Demetri, et al.: I assumed that we were looking for someone who could look at a wide range of topics. I like what Demetri has proposed for a theme "How does the changing information and economic landscape offer for changing educational approaches?". That theme is not going to go away. And it will speak to most of our conferees. IMHO we should look to find a willing "temporary" chair for 2008 to get a handle on things if Demetri leaves us for greener pastures. :-)
  • I have heard Hall Davidson speak at 2 different NECC Conferences. He could speak on a variety of topics. I think it's important that he understand that we pick the theme for the conference and then we talk to him about keynote topics (if he is willing to work that way). Hall is high energy; he will set a very different tone than David Warlick. It's important that he understand the pace and purpose of the Retreat before we sign him up. I say let's go for it. - Marty Hankins
  • I agree with Marti. It's obvious that he can speak on a variety of topics, but it is important for him to understand that AIMS controls the topic and direction of the retreat. If he is okay with that, I say let's sign him up. -Marlene Sclar
  • From what I see, it looks like a lot of his presentations have to do with the use of multimedia in the classroom. I'm not seeing presentations on other topics such as fostering change in education. I agree that Mr. Davidson could speak on any number of topics and be interesting, but I'm wondering if we want to identify a tentative theme for the 08 conference before signing a contract. I wonder if a good theme might be along the lines of what Dan Pink wrote about, in terms of how the changing information landscape and economy are creating opportunity for changing educational approaches.Dan Pink writes about concepts of "design, story, symphony, empathy, play, meaning, and learning." I'm wondering if this approach might have wider appeal for our audience at the retreat. I know Dan is not available, but do we want to see if Hall can speak to this topic? Not through the thesis of Dan Pink necessarily, but on this idea? I think this theme could incorporate the “Flat World” ideas of Friedman as well. Or are we comfortable with the theme of multimedia in education? -Demetri
  • It does appear that many of his presentations are on multimedia but at the same time he has an extensive background. I think we should ask him to submit a list of topics (more global and comprehensive)that he is willing to present. Or we may want to come up with topics that we feel are important and see if he is willing to present. Then as a committee we can review and decide. Roya
  • I agree that we should narrow down our focus before giving Hall the list of possible topics. He has delivered over 100 keynotes, sessions and workshops, so I'm guessing he can speak to more than just multimedia. Susan
  • SBK writes: Hall responded to my inquiry on 3/12/07. Here is his response.. Susan, Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Sorry I didn't back to you right away, but these were weeks of education touring. The topic you discussed is something I talk about a great deal. There is the "wow" of technology, which some speakers spend a lot of time on (it's fun!), but the "how" is really where it all comes together. I did a three hour seminar on just that for a group of educational graduate students at a recent conference. Between the talk and the discussion, a lot of clear trends emerge for effective implementation of new learning strategies. I would love to share that with the group. Interesting, it is becoming clear that even when the issue is 21st century skills, effectiveness can begin with some of the oldest human behaviors. It would be great to talk how and not wow with your group. Hall

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