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I think that we should keep Network Neutrality. It is not fair that those without proper funding are automatically at a disadvantage. Students and researchers would have a harder time because the pages would take longer to load. Our country is based on the fact that all people are created equal, and this new rule is only promoting those with money and not making it fair for all internet users. We have a right to access all internet web pages, and we should have access to any web site that we so choose to see.


I agree with because it wants to keep the internet how it is right now. In the present day, everyone is allowed to access the internet from the ordinary student to the CEO of the biggest business company in America, they both are allowed to use the internet as the please (hopefully with good intentions). However, and big phone companies want to change the internet so that the highest paying customers get the fastest internet connection and to charge websites like Google and ect. more money because they are using competition items with, for example, AT & T. If sites like Google were charged, Google would then most likley charge people for the searches they make, therefore, only making the internet available to the people who can afford it. The internet should be equal for all which is why we have all grown to use it in our everyday lives.


I agree with the because i think it is the internet should not change and it should be free for everyone. Also, i do not think that big companies should be able to control the internet because that it not right. Furthermore, these big companies already have a lot of money and i do not think that they need a lot more. I think that this decision should be able to happen if we contact and talk to other people in NYC and in the United States about the internet. I hope the internet does not change in the future.


I believe that is the best choice and most logical. I agree with them because we should be able to access the internet without having better or worse connections. If the internet changed, and there were better connections that companies had to pay for, imagine what we would have to pay for. If some websites were slower than others, imagine the difficulty of even researching for a project, looking up facts for your homework, or even surfing the web. The internet could change the way that people work in their daily lives. Instead of people who would have to pay money for companies that are paying money for a better internet connection, we could all be equal in our internet connection and not have one better than another.

- Bk

I agree with because I do not think big phone companies should control the internet. It is unfair for people to have to pay more for better internet service. I think that everyone should be able to get the same internet service for the same price.


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