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What is NYSSL?Edit

NYSSL is a state program that provides funding for predominately software resources to independent schools. Applying schools are given funds based on student enrollment. Funds are allocated on a yearly basis.

Quick TipsEdit

  • Before starting the application process, talk to your school's librarian or media specialist. NYSSL is part of the state's NYSTL program which funds school textbook purchases. They may have some figures and ID numbers you will need to complete your application.
  • Use IE to complete your online orders. No Mac browser is supported.
  • The spring '08 deadline for ordering is Friday, March 14, 2008.
  • Keep in mind that if it's your first time doing this it may take you a few days to complete your ordering!

How to OrderEdit

  • First, go to the Department of Financial Operations (DFO) home page:
  • Go to Non-Public Schools>NPS Bulletin Board. There you will find a link to the NYSSL/NYSLIB Guidelines. Print this out and read it to get an overview of the process.
  • This document references two forms that you will mail (no copies accepted, so no fax; the address is at the bottom of the first form) to the DFO; a Loan Request and Enrollment Certificate and Principal's Statement of Assurances form. You can get PDFs of these forms here. The bulletin included with these forms states that they should be submitted no later than Nov. 13, 2006, so be sure to do that as soon as you can.
  • The two numbers you will need to fill these out are your school's BEDS number and DOE location code. Your school librarian may have them if they completed this process for NYSTL. In fact, it's possible that if they ordered books this year through NYSTL, you may not have to submit these two forms at all because I think the DFO only needs this information once a year.
  • Once these two forms are mailed in, the funds are allocated quickly, so you can go on to the next steps, checking your allocation and ordering, fairly soon.
  • Check your allocation. To do this you need your Non-Public School (NPS) ID number. Again, your librarian or reading specialist may have this. If not, email Simon Richard at <rsimon at>, requesting your NPS user ID. He responds quickly. This ID (username) will be used both for the FAMIS portal for checking your allotment and FASTRACK ON THE WEB where you actually place your order. However, the passwords are different. On FAMIS your password is a concatenation consisting of the last 4 numbers of your location code + the current month in two digits + the current year in one digit + A (a capital A). For example, if your location code ends in '1845', the current month is March, and the current year 2007, the password will be '1845037A'. Your FASTRACK password is simply 'ats' until you change it, which you are supposed to call and request to be done (though it doesn't seem to be absolutely necessary).
  • So, log in to the FAMIS portal to check your allottment. From the DFO homepage, click FAMIS portal on the right. On the left click 'inquiry' and 'spending plan inquiry.' All the necessary menu items should be pre-entered, so you just have to click 'inquire' at the bottom and wait a moment. You'll see an amount allocated to your school under the description 'DATA PROCESSING SU.' As soon as you see this, go to the next step, ordering.
  • Search for the software titles you would like (no browsing possible) in the Famis e-catalog. The only hardware I've found is the Lego RCX unit. Make sure the items you want have an 'A' next to them, presumably meaning 'approved.'

  • To prepare a handy worksheet for your ordering, add the items you want to your shopping cart. This will be emailed to you when you check out. You'll use this to place your order in the next step.
  • Now go back to the FAMIS portal, where you checked your encumbrance. Login as before, with the concatenated password.
  • Once in, click on Purchasing on the left and drill down to E-catalog. Fill out the empty boxes with the following:
    1. Quick code should be 012129
    2. Object code should be 199
    3. Activity should be 0000

This still isn't updated

  • Then click 'save.' Look at the bottom for any messages that alert you that anything's not right. The bottom of the screen, in a subtle and inconspicuous font color, is where they've chosen to give you the only feedback and explanation about how to navigate this interface.
  • If all is well after saving, click 'details' to add the titles you want to order. In the form, enter only the item number for each title and the quantity. Then click 'save.' The titles and total amount of your order should appear. Jot down the requisition number printed in the subtle green color at the top of the order.
  • To actually place the order, you have to 'authorize' it. In the drop-down list at the top, click 'approve/authorize (pre-encumber).' Enter the requisition number and click 'find req,' then when the order appears, click 'authorize.'
  • Congratulations, you're done! You can go back to the FAMIS portal to make sure that the funds you've just spent have actually been encumbered from your your allottment.
  • Keep the fastrack catalog worksheet you printed out so you can check off the titles as they arrive. You will have to send a copy of your packing slips to the BOE so they can verify that you received the orders and if you don't receive something they have to do something on their end so they need to know about it.


What Schools Have PurchasedEdit

  • Kidspiration
  • Discovery Education STREAMING and STREAMING PLUS
  • Discovery Education SCIENCE
  • Discovery Education HEALTH
  • Discovery Education MEDIASHARE
  • NXT robotics kits
  • Microworlds
  • Accent Professional 50 Language Wordprocessing
  • Clicker 5
  • Alef to Tav by TES
  • Read & Speak Hebrew by TES
  • Photo Kit Junior Deluxe (it comes with a digital camera)
  • Photo Puzzle Builder Deluxe (it comes with a digital camera)
  • Database/reference subscriptions for our libraries
    • World Book Online
    • Encyclopedia Britannica Online (with spanish and lower school editions)
    • Webster's Online
    • Annals of American History Online
  • Clicker 5
  • Key Skills
  • Virtual Jerusalem
  • Virtual Bethlehem
  • Virtual Nazareth
  • FileMaker Server/Client licenses
  • Inspiration/Kidspiration
  • Adobe Creative Suite and other products
  • iLife
  • OS X
  • Apple's Production Suite
  • Filemaker Pro - much better price than outside
  • Final Cut Pro - same which is true of most Apple products
  • Antivirus - various
  • Deep Freeze Security software - good cheap prices
  • Tom Snyder stuff
  • Gollygee blocks
  • Destination Math
  • Faith & Fate by Destiny - Jewish History
  • Mavis Beacon (network version)
  • MediaBlender
  • Zoombinis
  • Math Blaster
  • Neighborhood Map Machine
  • Oregon Trail

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