Moodle Use

How was it introduced?

Who uses Moodle?


Current Implementation



Worked with most interested faculty first. Collaborated with Division heads to increase use over a period of two years. Now all teachers are required to use moodle to post homework and many classes require students to upload their assignments and papers with moodle or the moodle/ integration.

Teachers in every discipline are using Moodle. The range of the tools they employ varies.

Server is at Browing (possibly taking the server off site soon). Data exported from filemaker database. Then they create csv files to enroll all students. Moodle classes are visible on the moodle homepage.

Requiring students to upload assignments has made them more accountable. Teachers regularly add quicktime movies and websites as resources. Some math teachers post smartboard notes. Several classes use the journal activity and a few use the discussion board.

Carefully planned implementation. Widespread participation, administrative support.

Friends Academy

Introduced at faculty meetings and to students at Upper School assembly. Use is optional but now widespread. Posting of assignments in Moodle, First Class or Web Creator (in house webpage tool) is required.

History, French, English, Science, Technology, Photography, Use varies according the the teacher's instructional style.

Server is hosted onsite. A link is provided on school website to moodle server for easy access. We are considering going to an offsite host who will handle moodle upgrades to eliminate that support component.

Several teachers post innovative assignments.

Moodle is used for course co taught by teachers from different departments. It's called the Basic course and it uses a project based approach to introduce ninth graders to technology skills they will need in high school.


Introduced fall of 07. Faculty member works one on one to help faculty take advantage of a range of moodle options. Use is voluntary, yet growing quickly.

Teachers of English, Chinese, French, History, Technology, Math, Science and some Clubs - all since September '07.

Server is at Remotelearner. Spence is happy with this arrangement and working on how this will work with what Silverpoint is developing. Current access is not now through the main Spence Web site, but will be when the new site launches in the fall of 2008.

Chinese teacher requires students to upload Quicktime and Powerpoint files, adding their own oral and written narratives English teachers have expermented with required forums and digital journaling. One especially likes the way Moodle enables her to organize digital paper submissions and accompanying comments, She uses the Moodle feedback option and the commenting feature in Word. Her experience has been so positive that nearly the entire department has requested Moodle training.

LP believes in pollinating effect that would not have been possible if Moodle were mandated. Stressed importance of not giving parents access to student forums.


Server set up fall '07. Introduced more widely to faculty in March '08, both individually and in a workshop.

Moodle use is in early stages. Engineering course lists assignments and requests uploads. Students share design ideas in a wiki. Mathematics and history are constructing courses and plan to use Moodle either in spring or fall '08.

onsite server

Use is now voluntary. Some teachers are eager to get going. Others use of First Class conferences for assignmnents, links and conversation and are reluctant to switch.

School is still exploring its options.
The Hewitt School

It was installed and made optional for upper school teachers in the first year. Teachers had been using web pages designed with Microsoft FrontPage to post assignments, and sometimes web links and documents. The next year it was mandatory for upper school. The current year (2007-8) it is mandatory for teachers grades 5-12.

Teachers grades K-12 We installed/configured Moodle ourselves, but host it on a Linux-based hosting setup at Mosso Teachers who teach grades 5-12 most post all assignments in Moodle. Teachers grades K-12 must post their lesson plans each week in an admin course within the Moodle. Teachers grades 5-12 experiment with posting audio files, lecture notes, powerpoint presentations, study guides, forum discussion, glossaries, wikis, quizzes, grades module etc. The only requirement however, is assignments. We use LDAP authentication so that users simply use their e-mail username/password combination to log in. One less username/password is huge! It authenticates back to our Microsoft Active Directory catalog. We may be looking for a consultant this summer to do some custom designing for features some of our teachers have asked for.

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