Best Practices:

The podcast of the meeting that this list was created from is available here

Proven Technology Integration from Steve Bergen

Departmental Targeting --- groups of teachers helping each other integrate across grades to develop a meaningful sequence

Grade Targeting --- groups of teachers working together to integrate technology across a grade to develop a meaningful sequence

Hiring the right people as Technology Coordinators. Teachers.

Don't judge good teaching by use of technology

Are the kids getting it in enough places...

2 Day training of Administrators on technology: Brought them up to speed on systems that are working. Came out with 4 or 5 initiatives. August 15th and 16th.

Sharing Projects by faculty in faculty meetings. Have these presentation short, then have small groups to come along. Sending message to faculty.

Leadership: Principles of Good Practice

Kill the nay sayers with love -- train, train, train them.

10 minute meetings on a weekly basis with tech integrators.

Microsoft on Macintosh a problem. Infrastructure must be bullet proof before you roll it out.

Fundamental theorem: Effort into making sure that infrastructure is solid -- entire department licks issues and then you move on with professional development.

Teachers are smart and want to use this stuff.

Having a person at your school whose priority is faculty training. Any person can sign up with that person in 30 minute slots to do whatever you want.

Talking about curriculum with teachers

Integrating Technology as much as possible into the classroom instead of being pulled out.

Curriculum Driving Technology: Collaboration between technology and classroom teachers through curriculum development grants. Administration encouraging this.

Faculty Fellows: Teachers submit proposal about setting up a technology project, get a laptop, worked 2-3 day workshops and then worked 1:1 with tech people to monitor progress and work the entire year on the project. Following year, they became mentors for other faculty.

Grant programs to support.

LS Teachers create technology projects during the summer with tech integrator. MS and US Teachers get 2 hours a pd at the beginning of each school year. New faculty get 2 hours of pd at beginning of each year.

Hiring -- discuss with department chairs what the criteria for faculty technology skills are appropriate.

Provide a quick easy resource for your staff when they need application tech support. We subscribe to Atomic Learning at Berkeley Carroll.

Tech Program Pages:

Dalton: and

Packer Collegiate: Tall Tuesday's - Web 2.0

Evaluation of Marymount Technology Fellow Program

Collegiate School Technology Fellows

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