Goal of NYCISTEdit

A Collaborative Knowledge Building Organization.

Outcome: Knowledge is in the group, how do we use the tools that we are all experimeting with to build a resource for the K-12 Independent School, as well as Public School Community. To move the entire community along.

Brainstorming: So we're going to start using a blog to communicate so that what we are doing is open. We have a few options, Elgg, Wordpress MU, or Drupal. Everyone should get a bloglines account with bloglines notifier and subscribe to the blog. What works, what doesn't? How do we continue the good work Fred has done this year on the wiki?

We communicate mostly through our listserv. To subscribe, go here:

NYCIST Schedule - ArchiveEdit

NYCIST Data CollectionEdit

NYCIST Course StructuresEdit

NYCIST Moodle UseEdit

Meeting Minutes/Podcasts Edit

[October, 2006: Podcasting]

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